Weekly Wrap 14

It’s Sunday already?  Weekly Wrap 14 time!  This week was week of training for Earth Day 50k, and a recovery week.  It felt like a recovery week from work too because I had Wednesday off (planned off day) and then Friday too (thanks Mother Nature!).  I continued with my meditation challenge with success.  Overall a pretty great week, I’d say!  Linking up with Holly and Wendy for the Weekly Wrap.




Monday 2/05

Run: For the second week in a row, Monday was a non-running day.  Give me all the credit. Just a core class – man were my obliques sore!


Tuesday 2/06

Run:  Speed on the treadmill – 8 miles, 1800 ft.  Followed it up in the PM with an easy 5 miles.

Other:  Published my review of Square Roots Kitchen.  It’s a new fast-casual restaurant in the West Loop that has vegan options. Yay!  Read it here.



Wednesday 2/07

Run: Another rest day!  I’m thinking I will change this though.  I was going stir crazy.  It was single leg day at EDGE strength class in the morning, and I was debating running after but was trying to stay to the more rest day plan.

Other:  No work day for me.  I went to Costco and got a membership.  Then did some meal prepping, blogging, and coaching.  My life is so mundane.



Thursday 2/08

Run:  Upper body posture class with Chris Mosier.  After that, another treadmill day of tempo and climbing.  It was short, I did a mile a tempo, then a mile of climbing, rinse, repeat.  6 miles, 1030 ft of elevation.  Had to cut my cool down short since there are only 2 working treadmills at EDGE at the moment.

Other:  Planned and photographed a social media collaboration project for Valentine’s Day for the chocolate company I’ve started to work/volunteer with.  And crossing my fingers that the impending snowstorm would mean a snow day and no school Friday.

Friday 2/09

Run: I got my wish! No school today!  I decided to push my long run ahead and ran 15 miles on the treadmill (3100+ ft of elevation!).  Luckily, I wasn’t alone.  My friend Katie did her 20 miler next to me.

Other:  Totally made the most of my off day and just relaxed.  Inspired by my treadmill run, I published 5 Treadmill Workouts that are great for the winter.  In the evening, I tested out an apple onion focaccia recipe for dinner, made some homemade bread, followed that up with vegan cookie dough.  A good day all around.




Saturday 2/10

Run:  I debated going on the treadmill again but three days in the row sounded awful.  So I met Janette, AJ and Mike at EDGE for an easy 10 miles to follow up yesterday.  My legs were tired, but after the first mile I was back to normal.  Once we hit the Lakefront Trail, they did some surges while Janette and I kept it steady.

Other:  My upper body was achy from my treadmill run – I tend to hunch and crowd up close to the front of the treadmill which squeezes my shoulders up.  As I was recovering in the boots on Saturday, I browsed through Groupon and found a 90 minute massage for pretty cheap.  DONE!  My masseuse remarked “Holy smokes, girl! You’re so knotted!” Yup.


Sunday  2/11

Run: Easy 4 miles.  This was the run I would have done on Friday to November Project had the snowstorm not hit.  Turns out I shouldn’t have run, because that put me at just 2 miles less than last week.  My recovery week turned into a maintenance week.

Other:  In the afternoon, I went to another vegan event at the Emporium in Wicker Park.  This was the Chicago Vegan Test Kitchen “Love Yourself” event, in theme for Valentine’s Day.  I only lasted about 5 minutes at this event, it was TOO crowded!  On one hand, I was so happy to see everyone there, excited about vegan food and products… but on the other hand the wait for food was 30+ minutes and we were packed in so tightly.  This just means that vegan events are growing (yay!) and the hosts need to find bigger venues.




And that’s the Weekly Wrap #14!  48.7 miles, which meant it wasn’t really a recovery week.  My bad.  I’m now 11 days into my February meditation challenge and I will say that I am enjoying the way I have been able to apply what I’ve learned to running.  The negative thoughts like, “This hurts, stop!” or “You aren’t fast,” are still there, but the way I treat those thoughts is changing.  I’m looking forward to seeing what it’s like at the end of February!


How was your week?  What are you looking forward to this coming week? Are you doing a February challenge?


Happy running,



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Shathiso @thegaboronerunner.com

15 miles on the treadmill?! You are my new hero! Wow! And what an overall great week/mileage 🙂

HoHo Runs

How nice to get a surprise day off. I’m impressed with your long treadmill run with elevation! I didn’t do a February challenge. It is prime running time here so I’ve been concentrating mostly on that. I think I’d be more motivated to do one in the summer in my off season. Thanks for linking!


I love the variety of your workouts this week – great job!

Deborah @ Confessions of mother runner

I am not doing a February challenge but I am setting up lots of mini goals for myself this month! Have a great week

Kimberly Hatting

Like a lot of others, I’m also doing the Supermans, Squats & Twists challenge this month. It’s major easy-peasy after all the burpees we did in January!


Not doing any February challenge I do feel a bit lazy haha. Great job completing 15 miles on the treadmill I could never run that long consistently on one.


I think I was the only person who worked on Friday! LOL Glad you got to take advantage of the time off.

I read that book, Mindfull Running and it really comes in handy to fall back on those techniques when you’re feeling negative. I used it today at my race, in fact!