Weekly Wrap #11 | F3 Half Marathon Training

Second week of January and cruising along.  Weekly Wrap #11 coming atcha!  It was my last week of training with my group for the F3 Half Marathon next weekend.  I can’t believe that the twelve weeks with them are almost up!  I viewed this week as the calm before the ultra training storm begins on Monday.  Linking up with Wendy and Holly for the Weekly Wrap.


Weekly Wrap #11


Monday 1/8

Run:  Easy 5 miles.  Straight zone 2.  Just a standard no fuss kind of run.

Other: First day back at visiting schools after the break.  It was hard to get back into my morning routine after 2 weeks of sleeping in a bit.  Luckily I scheduled a pretty easy school to ease back into the week.


Tuesday 1/9

Run: Beautiful morning with Sprint Tuesday group.  Did a mini fartlek pyramid: .25, .5, .25, .75, .25, 1mi with an easy .25 mi jog between segments.  I love these kind of workouts, and I felt great.  Happy to see that I hit my paces for each interval and remained consistent through the mile.

Other: Jon had some weird medical issue and I accompanied him to urgent care.  It took us FOREVER to find a place that took his insurance through and it made me think of the whole insurance industry in general.  How is it 2018 and our insurance system is so backwards?  It’s the only industry where you use a service without knowing how expensive it is and then get slapped with a bill later.  He is ok- ish? The doctor just eliminated possibilities but didn’t come to a conclusion.



Wednesday 1/10

Run: Off day.  Just did a yoga class to help me ease my anxiety from yesterday and stretch out.

Other: When I get nervous, I bake.  So I tested out some biscotti and vegan cheese recipes.


Pretty yummy! Maybe coming to the blog soon? I have so many recipes backed up.


Thursday 1/11

Run: 6 mile tempo run.  HELLOOOOOO spring weather! It was 55 degrees out, kind of grey and rainy and little wind, my FAVORITE running weather.  The workout was just 6 miles at goal race pace (running the F3 Half next weekend) and with that weather it was so easy! I’m hoping it’ll be warm for the race – 50 degrees would be amazing, but even 30 would be fine.

Other: Also did upper body strength workout.  I’m working on posture and upper back to help running form.  2018 goal: No hunched over ultra race pictures!


Friday 1/12

Run: 4 miles easy.  AAAAND back to winter.  The bottom dropped out and the temperature plunged to 10 degrees, real feel in the negatives.  When it gets that cold, it’s too hard for me to run to November Project for the workout.  There is a lot of body weight exercises like squats or ab work, so I cool down real quick.  No bueno in that cold.  Instead, I just ran around my neighborhood.

Other: Blog post! Holla! In case you missed it, I published this pomegranate oatmeal recipe. It’s high in antioxidants, potassium and complex carbohydrates – great for pre-run breakfast before a long run or race, and perfect for post-run to replenish glycogen stores. Let me know what you think, and as always sharing in caring 😉



Saturday 1/12

Run: Taper long run.  Last long run with EDGE before the F3 Half Marathon next weekend.  I’ve gotten a lot out of this training cycle, but what I’ve loved the most is the community. New friends and new running buddies are the best!

Other:  Met my brother and parents for brunch to see how Jon was doing.  Still no word on what’s wrong.  We went to Reservoir on Montrose for brunch and it was pretty awful.  Their black bean burger isn’t vegan, so I asked if the chef could make me a plate of steamed vegetables.  Nope.  Instead, I ordered an all vegetable omelette with no eggs and no cheese.  I received a plate of vegetables that looked like they had been bathed in oil.  No flavor, I was disappointed.  But at least I had quality time with the fam.


Photo credit: Robyn


Sunday 1/14

Run:  Easy 5 mile trail run.  David, a friend and athlete I coach, was in town so I changed up his running plan to schedule a trail run.  Coach rules.  He, Nez and I went to Swallow Cliff for a really easy run.  It was a beautiful day but I was surprised by how empty it was! Normally those stairs are packed with walkers, but there were only 5 other people there!

Other: Planning on meal prepping, blogging, and updating coaching plans for the rest of the day.  Nothing special.



Total miles: 35.5 – a pretty big recovery week.  This was my last lower mileage week until after my 50k in April.  Next week will be first in a three week build.  I have the F3 Half Marathon on Saturday while I will be treating as a workout and not necessarily a race.  It’ll be an interesting mindset to adopt…. we’ll see if I maintain that when I toe the start line.


Thanks for joining me on weekly wrap #11.  How was your week? What’s your favorite part of a training cycle?



Happy running,




A few of my favorite running things…


Weekly Wrap 2018


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Good luck treating the race as a training run! I can do it for shorter races, but I need to race all.the.halfs. 🙂


I think you’re going to get lucky and have nice (not freezing) weather for your half! Hopefully the rain will hold off and there won’t be ice.


Good luck at the F3 half next weekend! My sister who lives in St. Charles is running it too. Sounds like a fun one, and oh my would 50 degrees feel great right now…perfect running weather 🙂


I’ve been working on posture too for a while. I’ve found the upper back strengthening is important so I don’t slump.

HoHo Runs

It’s crazy you had to order an omelette without eggs and cheese just to get some veggies! I know you hate to see your group training come to an end, but surely there will be another group training for something else. Or, maybe you can create your own training group? I hope Jon is feeling better. Enjoy your half marathon. Thanks for linking!

Sara Runs This Town

Hope Jon is feeling better! That pomegranate oatmeal looks amazing! I hope that you enjoy your week coasting in to the half marathon. Best of luck!

Shathiso @thegaboronerunner.com

Hope Jon is feeling better. It certainly sounds as if you are ready for this Half Marathon! I will be back for the recap! Best of luck! 🙂

Kimberly Hatting

Similar weather in Iowa, except we got the cold & ice ON Thursday (a day earlier). The stosrm was short-lived, but the cold temps have remained…


Loving that pomegranate oatmeal recipe – I’ll definitely have to try that out!

I liked the “normal” winter weather this week (30s and 40s), but now we’re back down to single digits, lol


I think the weather is going to be a little more temperate for your race. I had considered running this one. I need a long run next weekend. But I’m not sure I’m ready for a half!


For being a recovery week you still ran a lot of miles. Good luck at your half this weekend, even though you are treating it as a workout. I know you will do great!

Deborah @ Confessions of mother runner

I like to bake when I am stressed too! I also love biscotti but have never made it.Hope you share your recipe