Ultramarathon Training Week 7

I can’t believe that I’ve been through seven weeks of ultramarathon training!  The Ice Age 50 mile is just around the corner!  This weekend held another double-digit back-to-back long run session and very minimal speed since I was still a bit tired from Tokyo jet lag.  If you missed my post on the Tokyo Marathon, catch up here.  You can also read about past weeks of ultramarathon training here (week 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6).


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Ultramarathon Training Week 7


Monday 3/6 – 4 EZ RPE 4

A few weeks ago when I only saw 4 miles on my schedule I questioned what I was thinking. Only 4? Why did I plan myself only 4 miles?

But then I woke up Monday. Jet lag was still lingering (woke up 5 times during the night), I was still getting into the work routine, I had a busy non-stop weekend… it caught up to me Monday morning. I was so glad that only had 4- and the strong winds too! First 2 miles were into headwinds, second two tail. I’m impressed by my past self’s future-thinking skills and grateful to have only had 4. Total: 4.42, 8:44 pace



Tuesday 3/7 – speed 4×800 w 400 RI
I met Brendan at the track for a face-to-face coaching session.  We both did a similar workout, 4×800 with 400m jog in between.  I hit even splits for the first three and then faded 6 seconds for the last one.  I am still tired from the trip.  Brendan had a great workout though and it helped me get heart rate data  Total: 8.0 miles


Wednesday 3/8 planned 7 EZ RPE 4 – actual 5 
I had 7 on the schedule but only did 5 on the treadmill.  I knew that I had extra mileage yesterday and would probably get extra miles at November Project on Friday.  The brutal wind outside made me just hop on the ‘mill.  This was after a great strength session with Robyn at the EDGE- I’m going to be feeling my arms and glutes later!  Total: 5.0 miles, 9:00 pace


EDGE strength class! I had missed 2 weeks in a row because of Tokyo travel so I was very excited to be back


Thursday 3/9 planned rest day
Just did some Buddha Burn at Zen Yoga Garage and followed it up with a delicious recovery smoothie and blog work.



Friday 3/10 planned 4 EZ, RPE 5
I felt absolutely WONDERFUL on my run this morning, even with some wind!  I did an accidental progression run down to November Project: 8:47, 7:37, 7:28, 7:23.  Then got an extra mile and a half at NP to round out to 5.4 total miles. 


Saturday 3/11 – Long Run, RPE 6
On Saturday I decided to run from my apartment straight north to my parents’ house in Highland Park.  They have a new puppy I wanted to see, and all my friends had a cutback week for the Boston program.  Little did I know that I would deal with a headwind the entire way there, or have to run from an attacking dog.  But I did it! And I ended with puppy kisses. I brought homemade energy bites with me as well as some sweet potato cookies (recipe here).
Total mileage: 22.10, 8:38 pace: 3 hours 11 minutes


My supplies for a long run: pack, Huma, Nuun, homemade energy bites and sweet potato breakfast cookies


Sunday 3/12 – Long Run Trail
Only Brian and I made it to the trails this weekend, but he also had to run 15 miles.  Perfect!  Total: 15.30 miles, 2 hours 22 minutes



This build week has me looking forward to next week’s down week!  Only 56 miles on the plan, phew.
Total week’s mileage: 60.1 miles ~ 8 hours, 40 minutes


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