Weekly Wrap 11/12/2017

This grey, rainy Chicago Sunday wraps up week 2 of F3 half marathon training. Overall, it was a great week for running and blogging, not the best week for regular work. Does anyone else find that they can get certain areas of their life all settled, and then other aspects are up in the air?  Don’t even get me started on the eating issues, I chose not to put that in here.  That’s a whole other full blown post.  Anyways, linking up today with Tricia and Holly for the Weekly Wrap.



Highlights from F3 Half Marathon Training Week 2


Monday 11/6

Run: Easy 5 miles.
Real work: All day teacher training. Exhausting, but a great session.
Other: Published “How to Stay Motivated in the Winter” on the blog. Check it out and let me know how you stay motivated!



Tuesday 11/7

Run: TOUGH speed workout. 10x400m at 5k pace.  I joined in the evening speed for this workout.  That doesn’t seem like a significant statement but it was a BIG deal for me.  I got in to the habit of working out in the morning because that was the only way that I could convince myself to eat the rest of the day; to delay it to the evening was hard, but I was able to fuel well.  I was consistently 6-8 steps behind everyone else, but at least it was consistent! However, I did really miss going to the track to see the NP crew in the morning. Apparently Jon made a guest appearance, so at least there was one Menke there!

Real work: Assigned to a new school. It’s technically in CPS, but I had to cross the border into Indiana and then backtrack on side streets to get there. Not too happy about the travel time.

Other: Bought a basil plant because I’ve been having success with my tomato plant. I’ve also been experimenting with a vegan cheese.  The result: avocado, cashew cheese, tomato and basil toast! Click the picture for the cheese recipe.  


Wednesday 11/8

Run: Off day, just strength class

Real Work: Happy to have a pretty easy coaching day with the teachers. Smooth sailing in the classrooms.

Other: A few coaching meetings.


Thursday 11/9

Run: 3 mile descending tempo run and posture class. I actually surprised myself with the tempo. Initially I didn’t think I could hit the paces, but I was able to.  At least for the first two parts.  For the last half mile I was supposed to increase from 6:56 to 6:48 and I was barely able to get 6:52.

Real work: Terrible day and felt very stressed after.  So happy I was going to meet up with friends in the afternoon (see below)

Other: Met up with some November Project people to work remotely in the afternoon and got some great career advice.  It was so refreshing to meet up and work with people in the afternoon in a fun and relaxed way.  I was not as productive as I wanted to be, but it was so worth it.  Thanks to Andy for organizing!

Friday 11/10

Run: It was SO cold and I had to lead another teacher training so I couldn’t run to NP like I normally do. Opted for 6 easy on the treadmill instead and then biked to work. Missed my November Project hugs

Real work: Another all day teacher training.  It was three times the size of Monday;s training so I was drained in the evening.

Blog:  Posted a new recipe!  Mushroom Chard Tofu Scramble.  Totally not in line with any normal food blogging theme for November (I should be posting Thanksgiving recipes… like this acorn squash one), but I had shared this scramble with a few EDGE athletes in the mornings after our runs or classes and they were asking for the recipe.  Ask and you shall receive!


Bright and beautiful plate of food makes everything better


Saturday 11/11

Run: 8 mile long run with surges.  First icy run of the season! Felt great to be out there breathing the cold brisk air.

Real work: HA NONE!

Other: Still trying to plan out my 2018 season (after the F3 half marathon of course).  I’m looking for a March/early April marathon, ideally somewhere warm.  Any suggestions?



Sunday 11/12

Run: Went to the trails for an easy 6 miles, even though the plan was a rest day.  I am NOT used to this low mileage and find myself itching to go run more.  Trying to temper it and allow myself to experience something new, but I couldn’t resist the trails this morning.

Real work: Sunday scaries.

Other: Had a great coaching meeting at Cruz Blanca, a taqueria/brewery in the Fulton Market area.  I tried their vegan portobello tacos as well as a black bean & butternut squash tlayuda.




And that’s a wrap!  If you’re interested in running the F3 Half Marathon, use code RABBIT for $6 off the entry.  Looking ahead to next week: another build week for F3 half marathon training.  Another round of teacher trainings.  More coaching (both for teaching and running).  A few holiday parties starting!


What early spring marathon should I do?  What was your experience returning to speed after a break?   Have a recipe request?  Leave your comments below and have a great week! 



Happy running,



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Isn’t it funny how spending time away from the classroom is sometimes even more exhausting than being in the classroom?! I always leave PD in desperate need of a nap. On a separate note, I need to check out your article on staying motivated! I never want to run in the winter!

HoHo Runs

The food looks delicious. I’m always drawn to colorful food plates! Eat your colors…as they always say! I would also have a tough time doing speed workouts in the evening. I feel “spent” after a long day at work. Thanks for linking.

Meranda S (@fairytalesnfit)

I like how you set up your weekly wrap!
I need to learn more about this posture class you took!


Cruz Blanca, huh? I feel like I am so out of the loop with restaurants these days. I’m so glad you commented on my blog–I love to meet other Chicago runbloggers!!! I’m going to put F3 on my maybe list–it will be a last minute decision, dependent totally on the weather! Save me a spot.


The food at Cruz Blanca looks so good! I’m glad I found your blog through your comment on my post, as I’m excited to get recommendations for visits to Chicago (I have family in the area and go there a significant amount.)

Great week, thanks for sharing!

Deborah @ Confessions of mother runner

I love avocado and tomato toast as well yum! We had a cold week of running here too but I am finding it kind of invigorating!

Kimberly Greene

I’m considering Shamrock for a Spring marathon!