Colon Cancer Alliance Undy Run/Walk

Do you like running? Do you like walking? What about doing those things in your underwear?


Then you would love to participate in the Colon Cancer Alliance Undy Run/Walk! The Colon Cancer Alliance is an organization dedicated to eliminating colon cancer from the top three cancer killers. They believe in prevention, patient support and research.



The Undy Run/Walk is a family-friendly event that the Colon Cancer Alliance hosts in cities across the nation. These events are equally dedicated to knocking out colon cancer and honoring those impacted by this disease.  The funds raised through the Undy Run/Walk support both local and national colon cancer prevention, research and patient support programs. In fact, $0.86 of every dollar received goes directly to helping patients and their families in need.


How can you help?


Sign up to participate in Chicago’s Undy/Run Walk on May 13th!  The event is a way to draw attention to colon cancer in a fun and unique way.  Last year, some friends and I participated in an Undy Run and had a blast!  If underwear isn’t your thing, then don’t worry.  People dress up in pijamas, robes, superhero costumes, anything really.  The point isn’t the underwear.  The point is to have lifesaving conversations around cancer and to help raise money for a worthy cause.


Undy Run
NP at the starting line


As a reader of this blog you get a discount to the event!  Sign up at this page: and enter the code FRONT5 for $5 off.  I highly encourage you to participate in the event.  Put yourself out of your comfort zone in order to help someone get back into theirs.


Happy Undy-Running!


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