Chicago Food Fest Survival Guide

I know the week has only started, but I’m already looking forward to the weekend. Why? I’m going to the Chicago Vegan Food Fest! I’m already dreaming of the ice cream I’ll eat, the burgers I’ll try and the new restaurants I’ll discover.  Since moving to Chicago, I’ve been to a few food festivals and have developed some tricks to make the day much more enjoyable. Here’s my Chicago Food Fest Survival Guide for the summer.



Go with friends
My eyes are bigger than my stomach at these events. Going with a group of 4-5 other friends allows me to sample many different restaurants without overdoing it.



Do your research
There are going to be dozens of food and drink vendors there. I always research the vendors beforehand so I have a sense of what they offer and can plan out my day.  This allows me to make the most of my day and ensures that I will get a chance to eat all the food that I want to try.



Wear a purse with a strap
I’ll have a drink in one hand and food in the other, plus trying to take pictures of all the deliciousness. If I have to carry a purse too then I run the risk of dropping my food.  No one wants that! Wearing a purse with a strap allows me to use both my hands to enjoy the delicious vegan noms and snap drool-worthy pics.  Hands-free is the way to go.




Bring a water bottle
Salty fried food always makes me thirsty. I make sure to bring a water bottle that I can refill to keep my hydrated all day long.  Plus drinking water helps cleanse my palette between each vendor.



Bring cash
At many Chicago food fests, it’s cash only.  Come prepared or you’ll just have to longingly stare at other people eating and be taunted by the smells.



Bring wet wipes
There will be vegan BBQ, vegan burgers, vegan tacos and much more at the Chicago Vegan Food Fest. Sometimes napkins just don’t cut it. I stash wet wipes in my purse to keep my hands from getting too sticky.




Look cute if you want to, but leave the romper at home
Porta-potties and rompers don’t mix. Trust me.  You’re going to be outside almost all day so you need be comfortable.  I wear good walking shoes and breathable clothes, opting for layers since Chicago weather is temperamental.  If it’s sunny I’ll also wear a hat and sunglasses; if there’s a chance of rain I’ll toss an umbrella in my purse.  Yes, looking cute comes into play but I’ll sacrifice cute for comfort any day.



Wear sunscreen
Be smart about spending all day in the sun. I may have a stomach ache from all the delicious food, I don’t want a sunburn ache too!



Enjoy the food!

Yes, I am a vegan food blogger and I take pictures of the food I try.  But after 30 seconds, I put my phone away and just enjoy!  That’s why I’m there after all!




What are your food fest survival guide tips?


Buen provecho,




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Shawna Carter

Nailed it with wet wipes! Also, buy the portion size if they have it even if you’re with someone. Cheaper and able to try even more!!!