2016 Madison to Chicago Ragnar Relay Recap

  This weekend 5 of my crazy friends and I participated on an ultra team for the Madison to Chicago Ragnar Relay.  It was my very first time running a Ragnar race- I had wanted to do this Chicago Ragnar for years now but could never find friends who were

Race Report: The Hennepin Hundred Relay

Tuesday afternoon, me bored at work when suddenly **Ding ding** text message appears! “So a spot opened up on our relay team for this Saturday, any interest?” Running brain immediately says, “Sure sounds fun!”  Send!   Pause 30 seconds while logical-rational brain kicks in… “What’s the distance and where is

Running Resume

I’ve raced a lot over the years.  Friends are always asking for race recommendations, asking which races I have done and which I haven’t.  Yet. So I created this running resume, a list of my past races.  It’s also just a helpful place for me to remember what I’ve done