General Nutrition Guidelines for Runners

As a coach, the biggest questions my athletes have are about nutrition.  “What are the nutrition guidelines for runners?  How much should I eat during marathon training?  What should I eat the night before a long run?  What should I eat after a workout?”  Figuring out a nutrition plan is as

TNFECS Wisconsin Training Weeks 1-4: First Build Done!

On Sunday, I finished off my first 4 weeks of training for TNFECS Wisconsin.  That long crazy acronym stands for The North Face Endurance Challenge Series Wisconsin.  Or I could make an even more ridiculous acronym and call it TNFECSWI.  But I’ll spare you.  I’m training to do the 50

Coach Becca Training Programs

Looking to reach the next level in training but unsure how to get there?  Are you a vegan athlete who wants to work with a fellow vegan coach?  Chasing a BQ?  Did you sign up for a race on a whim and are now thinking, “How am I going to do