Long Run Meal Plan + Ultramarathon Training Week 10

I’ve gotten a lot of questions regarding what I eat in order to fuel my long run days during ultra training.  This past weekend, I decided to keep track of what I ate on Saturday, when I ran a 25 mile long run.  The day before, I had run an

2017 Tokyo Marathon Race Recap

On February 27th, I ran the 2017 Tokyo Marathon. It was my 12th marathon overall, 4th World Major Marathon, and first international marathon. Running the Tokyo Marathon was such a unique experience! I enjoyed the runcation and the marathon a lot- at least until kilometer 33.  I want to capture

What to Eat the Night Before a Race + Week 9 Boston Marathon Training

I posted two weeks ago about my post-run recovery drinks because this training cycle I am really focused on recovering right.  However, before you can run right and therefore recover smartly, you need to fuel well the day before a long run or race.  This week I am going to jump back