Recovery and PRs: My 2016

I can’t pinpoint the moment.  The exact moment when it happened.  When the scales (ironically) tipped and my logical brain began to speak louder than my eating disorder brain.  When I started viewing food as fuel and not as the enemy.  When I was okay with eating two-thousand calories a day instead of two hundred.  It happened

2016 Chicago Marathon Race Recap

On Sunday October 9th, 2016 I ran the 39th Chicago Marathon.  It was marathon number 10 for me and my second time running Chicago.  Last year I had such FOMOM (Fear of missing out on marathons…) as a spectator that I decided to run it this year, even though it meant repeating the state of

North Face Endurance Challenge Ontario: Race Recap

This past weekend I participated in the North Face Endurance Challenge Ontario marathon relay – ECSON for short.  I ran on a two person marathon relay team, BBGunz, with a friend from November Project.  It was my first time participating in a North Face Endurance Challenge event, and was my first trail race in YEARS,