Final week of taper + Boston Marathon Training Week 14

Today is exactly one week out from the Boston Marathon, meaning I am entering into my final week of taper. Translation: ROLLER COASTER OF EMOTIONS! WOOHOO! I can’t wait! FUCK it’s just one week away? Where did the time go? OMG my foot hurts. It’s never hurt before? Shit what

The Runner’s Brain + Week 13 Boston Marathon Training

Time for me to nerd out for a sec, guys.   I was listening to an old podcast from the Marathon Training Academy where they interviewed Dr. Jeff Brown, author of The Runner’s Brain.  In the episode, he addresses my old college psychology class days when he speaks about cognitive

Monday Motivation + Week 11 Boston Training

  I have two inspiring quotes about running for your Monday Motivation.  The first comes from Running on Om’s host, Julia Hanlon, during her most recent interview with Devon Yanko.   “Running is a creative endeavor: it’s accessing the mind-body-spirit connection, it’s expressing your joy and your talent and your