2018 F3 Half Marathon Race Recap

I had another post written.  Another 2018 F3 Half Marathon Race Recap that was all set and ready to go, with all the pictures and everything.  It was a cut and dry race repost that detailed the course, the packet pickup and highlights from the race.  I spent about 2

Transitions and Moving: Dealing with Internal Uncertainty

Sunday evening, I attended another Thoughtluck on transitions and moving.  What’s a Thoughtluck? A gathering of friends, acquaintances, and new faces, all to discuss a deep meaningful topic over some food (I always use it as an opportunity to recipe test– this time Chocolate Nutzo Cookies).  I wrote about the Thoughluck

March Mental State + Ultramarathon Training Week 8

This week was hard.   Not physically hard. In fact, it was a cutback week, and my legs felt great!   No, this week was one of those mentally hard weeks. Those emotionally hard weeks. Those weeks when I trip and fall into the depression ditch.   Who am I