2016 Chicago Marathon Race Recap

On Sunday October 9th, 2016 I ran the 39th Chicago Marathon.  It was marathon number 10 for me and my second time running Chicago.  Last year I had such FOMOM (Fear of missing out on marathons…) as a spectator that I decided to run it this year, even though it meant repeating the state of

Stages of a Tempo Run

The tempo run is a staple of my marathon training program.  Actually, the tempo run can be used when training for a half marathon or 15k too (possibly a 10k but shorter races are done at an anaerobic pace so the benefit of tempo training diminishes).   What is a tempo run?  It’s a workout that

2016 Bucktown 5k Race Recap

On Sunday, September 18th, I ran the Bucktown 5k.   It was my first time running a timed 5k since my high school cross country days!  The last one I ran was the Back to School 5k in Milwaukee in 2013- I was first place female but I’m pretty sure the course was short and there