2016 Mag Mile Half Marathon

On Saturday, I ran the Mag Mile Half Marathon in Chicago.  It was also my birthday.  Why not run a birthday race? It was my second time running the Mag Mile Half (I ran it last year), but this year was slightly different because it was the first year that RAM

Cary March Madness Half Marathon 2016 Race Recap

On Sunday I ran the Cary March Madness Half Marathon out in Cary, IL to test my readiness for Boston.  The event is hosted by Hillstriders Running Club and is very popular for those training for a spring marathon.  It’s a great way to test how your training plan is

Running Resume

I’ve raced a lot over the years.  Friends are always asking for race recommendations, asking which races I have done and which I haven’t.  Yet. So I created this running resume, a list of my past races.  It’s also just a helpful place for me to remember what I’ve done