Weekly Wrap 10

Happy 2018 everyone! How did your first week of the new year treat ya? New year but same (ish) blog routine for me, it’s the first Weekly Wrap of 2018! I am arbitrarily naming this Weekly Wrap 10.  I’ve participated in 10 of these now, right?  I could go back

Weekly Wrap 12/17/17

Holy cow, we are mid December.  Lately, I am more and more surprised at how quickly time passes.  Is this what it’s like to get older?  Time just passes quicker and quicker?  Yeesh.  In any case, just finished F3 Half Marathon training week 7!  Ended on a high note, as

F3 Half Marathon Training Week 3: Weekly Wrap 11/19

Today was a wonderful way to wrap up week 3 of F3 Half Marathon Training.  Maybe it’s because the sun came out for what feels like the first time all November.  Maybe it’s because I was doing what I loved: trail running with friends, cheering on one of my athletes