2016 Big10k Race Recap

On Saturday I ran in the Big10k race.  It was my 4th time running the Big10k; I’ve run it every year since the inaugural run in 2012.  It was my first time running in the Elite Corral (what a laugh), and although I was having trouble mentally dialing into racing

Race Recap: North Shore Turkey Trot 10k 2015

Thanksgiving in the running world come with the question, “Which turkey trot are you doing this year?”  Luckily for me, Highland Park hosts the North Shore Turkey Trot so when I go home to visit my parents for the holiday, I just have to convince them to wake up early

Running Resume

I’ve raced a lot over the years.  Friends are always asking for race recommendations, asking which races I have done and which I haven’t.  Yet. So I created this running resume, a list of my past races.  It’s also just a helpful place for me to remember what I’ve done