Road to Marathon Monday: Week 1

It’s that time of year again guys!  Spring marathon training season!!  The time of year when the path gets more crowded and Saturday mornings become a runner’s social hour.


This spring, I will be toeing the line on Marathon Monday at The Boston Marathon.  It’ll be my second time out there and I will be training with Fleet Feet’s Boston365 group again.  As you can see from my Year in Review post, I absolutely loved training with this group, and cannot wait to embark on the road to Marathon Monday with them again.


My focus this time around will be on developing strength and flexibility.  I see lots of barre and hot yoga classes for me in the future!  I also want to take my easy days EASY and not “race” my workouts.  I do not want to peak too soon or pound so much on my legs that they do not get a chance to recover between hard days.  So with that being said, here’s some running motivation- or “runspiration”- to kick off this next week of training!




Recap of Week 1

Monday: Easy 8. Day’s total: 8mi, 7:40 pace

  • Hit the dreadmill before work.  At least I got to catch up on my ESPN sports knowledge- it helped out during trivia later in the week!

Tuesday: Easy 6 Day’s total: 7.78 (included warmup + my easy 6), 8:01 pace

  • I’m so used to running speed with Clocktower on Tuesdays, that I decided to show up and do my easy run while they did a harder one.  They were doing Becca Loops, I couldn’t miss those! MM1.2

Wednesday: November Project + Speedwork (7 w 3@MP)  Day’s total: 8.13 mi

  • Started my day at 6:28 at the Totem Pole and was rewarded with Hoist-eys, Russian twists, mountain climbers, skaters, and jump squats.
  • Met that night at Old Town for the first Boston365 speed workout.  Warmed up to the trough at Diversey and then ran 3 miles at goal marathon pace.  Felt really solid, and definitely a little excited so my pace was a bit high: splits were 7:01, 7:09, 7:04.  Long, slow cool down back.

Thursday:  Cross train. Total mileage: 0

  • Ha. HA HA HA.  I WISH I could have watched myself try this.  I decided to go swimming for the first time since college.  I lasted all of what, 15 minutes?  And then I promptly sat in the hot tub and stretched.

Friday: November Project + Easy 7 miles + hot yoga.  Day’s total: 10.25mi, 7:38 pace.

  • Did a “phone number” workout with NP.  Everyone wrote down their phone numbers and then you randomly chose one for the workout. There were 10 different exercise stations set out in a circle and you had to “dial” your chosen number. Started at the base of the imaginary phone, ran to the first digit in the sequence and did whatever exercise was listed, then ran back to the base before running to the second digit.  Then I ran back home along the lake before heading off to work.
  • Much needed hot yoga in the afternoon.  Tried out Corepower Hot Power Fusion- it was alright but I prefer Bikram.

Saturday: Long Run Total mileage: 12.7mi, 7:38 pace for the long run.

  • Ran to the Old Town store as a warmup and met up with some friends and the Boston training group.  The pace was refreshingly consistent the 40 degree weather definitely helped!

Sunday: Easy 6 + hot yoga. Total: 6.22 mi, 8:12 pace 

  • 14 degrees outside with a windchill of 5 doesn’t stop me! Took it easy and slow. MMWeek1
  • Went to Bikram in the evening as a way to wind down.  This instructor wasn’t very good, but still got a good stretch!



Anyone else training for Boston?


Happy running!


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