Ultramarathon Training Week 12

My ultramarathon training week 12 was my second to last peak week! I can’t believe the Ice Age 50 mile is so close!  My largest weekend of training consisted of two 25 mile runs back to back. While my marathon speed has gone away, I’m running well on the trails which is my ultimate goal.  It’s taken me a while to accept that, but I doing two 25 mile runs this weekend and feeling strong the whole way through both of them was a big confidence boost that I am training smart for this ultramarathon.  I’ve started to look forward to the long doubles on the weekend, not just because of my growing love of the trails, but also because I’m proving to myself again and again that I can go farther than I think I can and do more than I have done before.  It’s exhilarating!



Ultramarathon Training Week 12 

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Monday 4/10: EZ RPE 4 + NP pop up

Ran easy to Oz Park to meet November Project for a pop up workout.  Had to dip out early to get to work on time Total miles: 8.0 miles


NBD, just planking along.  Photo Cred: Mitch

Tuesday 4/11: speed. 6@RPE 7

I was feeling a bit sore and had done a lot of shorter speed and mixed intervals lately. This week, I decided to do a longer tempo interval. It was a struggle, I was only able to get down to a 7:30 pace, which isn’t even close to any usual tempo pace of mine.  It felt harder than it should be though, especially since last week was a cut back week.  I’ll have to review what I ate and how I rested the previous day to see if anything was off.  I did some hip strengthening exercises later in the day (thanks Katie O!) and my glutes were very sore.  Total: 11.25 miles


Wednesday 4/12: Strength + EZ run RPE 4

Great class with Robyn at the EDGE this morning.  EZ 5 mile run on the 606 after.  After 2 days of strength exercises I went slow.  Enjoyed a Cubs game with my dad and brother in the evening and got to see the World Series ring ceremony!  Total: 5.22 miles


Brrrr! It was a chilly night for a game!



Thursday 4/13: Rest day 

Just wanted to do hot yoga for a good stretch and then went to the EDGE to work from home.  Sat in compression boots for an hour and then stayed off my feet to prepare for the big double ahead of me this weekend.



Friday 4/14: Long run, planned: 25 miles

First 25 mile of the weekend!  Since I will be in Boston to spectate the Boston Marathon, I shifted my long runs to Friday Saturday.  I tried to get company for the run, but ended up having to do the whole run alone.  No worried, I’m going to be alone for the race so might as well get used to it, right?  Went to Swallow Cliff to get in trail miles and was surprised how busy it was! I felt fueled the whole way through and learned a few things:

  1. Drinking my calories helped me get enough nutrition. I added 1/2 a scoop of Nuun Performance to a bladder + a nuun tablet and then at mile 18 added another 1/2 scoop.
  2. Salt tablets: Took 2 at mile 16. They made my mouth a little dry and felt thirstier than usual, but no cramping.
  3. Fuel: Cherry bite at mile 7, 14. Cracker with PB at 18, 24.  Nuun Performance between.
  4. Ate 2 toast with more almond butter and avocado + mango before hand. After talking with Becky she said I needed more before the run. Seemed to work even though I felt a bit bloated.

Total: 25.0 miles


My happy place


Saturday 4/15: Long Run, planned 25 miles

Al joined me for a long hot run today.  I felt very fresh, despite having done 25 the day before!  We started out on single track and soon found it to be a slippery and squishy mud fest.  After 10 miles of that we decided to head out onto the multi-track loop, thinking it would be easier.  It was… until the trail disappeared and we went down a slippery, wet, half-hidden trail (where I almost stepped on a frog sitting in one of the puddles).  We ended up in about 3 inches of muck and water.  Eventually we found out way back to the path, but clearly no one had run on it in quite some time.  It was quite the fun adventure!  Total: 25.20 miles

I again felt very well hydrated and fueled.  It was very hot so I finished three full bladder’s, and took the salt pills earlier: one at mile 13 and one at mile 20. Ate an energy ball at mile six, 13, about a quarter of a sweet potato cookie at 16, and half a peanut butter cracker at 20.  I also used a full scoop of Nuun Performance spread over two bladders. Like yesterday, I averaged about 130 cal an hour.




Sunday 4/16: Rest day

Saturday night I flew out to Boston to spectate the Boston Marathon and spend time with Elyse.  We did a lot of walking around the city (probably about 8 miles or so) and hit up the expo.  At the Oofos booth we took advantage of free foot massages! And then I ended the day with vegan ice cream, YUM. Total: 0 miles


Best friend day!


Total mileage: 75.0 miles    Total time: 11 hours, 25 minutes

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