TNFEC Wisconsin + Ultramarathon Training Week 11

I did a thing.  I don’t know yet which adjective to use to describe the thing.  Exciting? Impulsive? Adventurous? Stupid? Totally predictable for me?  Only time will tell.


What did I do?  Well.  I am having so much fun discovering myself, pushing my boundaries, encountering and overcoming the obstacles that ultramarathon training presents that I did a thing.  I signed up for another one.  The North Face Endurance Challenge in Wisconsin (TNFEC Wisconsin for short).



Honestly, this process of training for the Ice Age 50 mile has been one of self-discovery.  I’ve learned that I can go farther than I think I can and do more than I think I can do.  I’ve accepted the fact that I need to eat in order to train.  Most importantly, I’ve learned that there is more to running than the numbers your watch chirps out each mile.  This process of testing the limits of my endurance has made me fall in love with running all over again.


Not only did I sign up for TNFEC Wisconsin, but I applied (and was accepted!) to be an ambassador for the race.  Why? Because I want to share this experience of self-discovery with other athletes.  Also, I really enjoyed the TNFEC Ontario experience I had with November Project this summer in Canada.  The North Face puts on a stellar event.



As part of being a TNFEC Wisconsin Ambassador, I hope to encourage others to sign up for the event.  I want to encourage others to ditch the roads and get lost in nature.  To be 100% present and in the moment on a run, to take on a challenge, to explore and experience the camaraderie of these kinds of events.


You don’t have to do an ultra like me to participate!  The distances range from a 5k to a 50 mile, there are even kid’s runs both days!  If the idea of falling in love with running, getting in touch with nature, and pushing the boundaries of what you think you’re capable of don’t seem appealing, how about a discount?  Use for the code ECSAMBBM15 for 15% off any distance.  Sign up here or click the picture below.



And if you need a coach, let me know! I may know a certain blogging vegan runner who would be more than happy to help! 🙂


Happy running,



Ultramarathon Training Week 11

(To catch up on past weeks, click here)


This week was a cutback week, whoohoo!  I had 63 miles planned and only a double of 15 and 15 for Saturday and Sunday.  I took full advantage of this down week and used the extra time to test out recipes, catch up with friends, and catch up with sleep!


Monday 4/3 – EZ RPE 4.  Planned 6mi

Easy miles to start off the week. Accidentally went 7 miles because I confused it with the plan for Wednesday.  Total: 7.10 mi


TNFEC Wisconsin Sunrise
A beautiful morning, hints of a sunrise!


Tuesday 4/4 – Speed. 4×800 + 3mi tempo + 4×800

Ran up to the track to meet with NP people.  Planned to sandwich some Yassos with a tempo.  My first set of 800s was 3:23, 3:30, 3:29, 3:30.  Then my 3mi tempo was 7:14, 7:20, 7:20.  Again, more like my old marathon pace than a tempo pace.  It’s a bit of a bitter pill to swallow, but I just have to keep reminding myself that I am training for longer endurance and not focusing as much on speed.


Wednesday 4/5 – Strength class at EDGE + EZ RPE 4.  Planned 7mi

After strength, I had to hop on the treadmill for the easy run since there was a crazy thunderstorm and high winds outside.  I hate running on the treadmill because I always tend to creep up towards the front and run with a swayback.


Strength training = faster running


Thursday 4/6 – Rest day

Just hot yoga and working from the EDGE in the afternoon.  Glorious sloth kind of day.


Friday 4/7 – EZ 8 mi hills

The path was closed due to dangerous winds and high waves, so I wasn’t able to get down to the hill that I wanted.  Instead, I just ran straight down Michigan Ave to get to November Project.  I stayed for the bounce and then ran a few times up and down the Maggie Daley Bridge before returning for the rest of the workout.


V-up into a hug!


Saturday 4/8 – Long Run, 15mi

I’ve read more training tips and ideas and one workout suggested is a steady state, faster-paced long run.  Since Saturday was a shorter run, I decided to do it on the Lakefront Path with the hopes of running with some friends in Fleet Feet’s Boston Program.  Of course, they were super into taper-mode and didn’t want to push the pace, so I ended up running predominantly on my own.  But HOLY YAY for SUNSHINE! FINALLY!  It was warm enough for shorts!


Sunday 4/9 – Long Run, 15mi

Another trail run with EDGE.  Even thought it was just 15 miles, it felt so long.  Avi from NP joined and I also randomly ran into Nez, another fellow NPer, along the trail.  Great to see so many new faces at the run!


TNFEC Wisconsin EDGE run


TOTAL week’s miles: 63.31.  Total time: 7 hours 50 minutes. 

Next week is my biggest peak week yet.  Feeling nervous but excited!


Please note:  All opinions expressed in this post are my own.  I will receive some prizes from TNF only if I can encourage enough people to sign up for the TNFEC Wisconsin events.

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