Running Coach Certification + Ultramarathon Training Week 4

I am THRILLED to announce that I have officially completed my running coach certification class! As part of my 2017 goals, I wanted to complete a running coach certification.  Currently, I coach teachers in my non-profit job; my favorite part is setting goals and creating action plans for how to achieve those goals.  I feel such joy when I see others reach a goal.  With my extensive running background and passion for the sport, I thought, “Why not combine my passion for teaching with my passion for running, and coach others to their running related goals?”




With the support of my EDGE Think Tank group, I determined that UESCA was the best certification option out there.  In December, I signed up for the course and have been plugging away at studying and creating practice training plans.  My goal was to finish before leaving for the Tokyo Marathon (TOMORROW! AH!) so that way I could start coaching clients when I return.


Studying for the certification with the help of June


Can I just say how much I loved nerding out over all the running information?  I learned a lot of valuable information that has helped me become a better, more aware and more confident runner (writing my own ultramarathon training plan has been huge).  I am SO happy that I completed the running coach certification and I cannot WAIT to start coaching athletes.


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Happy Running,



Ultramarathon Training Week 4 Recap

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This week was a mini taper week to prepare for Tokyo.  I planned to reduce my speed mileage from 10 miles to 7, I cut my long run to 13 miles, and my trail run was only 6 miles.  It didn’t go quite as planned, but this week was a good reminder to listen to what your body tells you during training and to never force a workout just because that’s what is written.


Monday 2/13- EZ RPE 5 + NP pop up

We had our office All Staff meeting at the Literacenter- just short biking distance from the EDGE Athlete Lounge.  In the morning, November Project was also having a pop-up workout at Walsh Park, also conveniently located within a half mile from the EDGE?  Solution?  Park at the EDGE, run the 606, stop by the pop-up and then run back to the EDGE to shower and Divvy to work.  My kind of morning!  Total: Run: 8.02 mi EZ, 4.5 mi bike


NP Pop-up, Valentine’s style


Tuesday 2/14- Supposed to be speed, but that didn’t go as planned. 

After doing the 2 mile warmup, I decided I was not ready to do speed.  I think the double-double weekend caught up to me.  I also was just in a funk mentally, starting to stress about the impending Tokyo trip, not happy with things at work. So instead of trying to force my body to do the speed workout, I just ran it easy.  Total:  7.0 mi easy.


Wednesday 2/15 – Supposed to be strength + 7 miles, but I made it a rest day. 

Again, this didn’t go as planned.  Instead of doing 7 miles, I decided to take a total non-running day.  Just strength class in the morning.  And HOLY COW, did Robyn wake up our glutes!  Walking around the rest of the day and even lying down to go to bed at night I felt the burn.  Total: 0.0




 Thursday 2/16 – Supposed to be yoga + Off day, but did speed

I was really hoping to have a good run since on Tuesday I had felt so tired.  I was not disappointed!  After a hot yoga class, I hit the 606 for the speed workout I was originally supposed to do Tuesday: 4x 2/3mi @15 seconds faster than marathon pace, 1/3 mi @marathon pace or up to 10 seconds slower than marathon pace.  This is one of my favorite workouts and I absolutely NAILED it! My splits were the EXACT same for each portion, even the recovery portions.  I was ecstatic!


Best feeling in the world


This goes to show the importance of listening to the body during training.  Sometimes you just need a little extra rest.  In the past I would have tried to hammer out my workout, but now with more running experience and after studying I knew how to adjust and be fine. Your body knows best!


Friday 2/17 – EZ + NP

Another fun day at NP doing a couples workout.  We had to draw a slip of paper to determine our workout and on the backside was a random word.  At the end we had to make a fun sentence using the words we drew.  Total: 7.5 miles
Here was ours:



Saturday 2/18- Cutback Long run, RPE6

Finally back to completing my workouts as planned.  What a glorious day! 65 in February! Easy run along a crowded path.  Goal was to stay at conversational pace the whole way so that Brendan and I could talk coaching logistics.  It’s incredible how my mood improved with Vitamin D, and how much better I feel running in shorts!  Total: 13.3 miles


Clearly need to work on my tan


Sunday 2/19- EZ Trail Run, RPE 5

Huge crew out at Maple Lake and another incredible day of shorts weather!  The trails were a bit muddy but we were able to stay on the single track.  Kept it shorter than normal because tapering for Tokyo, and took it a bit more gingerly.  After, I met Jon and my parents for Jon’s birthday brunch.  Total: 7.25 miles



See you soon, Tokyo!  
Total week’s mileage: 49.2 miles.  Total training time:  6 hours, 50 minutes.

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