Podcast Interview + Ultramarathon Training Week 2

GUYS!  I was on a podcast!  Two of my friends from November Project, Kristen Salkas and Brian Fons have a podcast: The KSalk and Fons Fitcast. They interviewed me to talk about running, moving into ultras, being vegan, the blog, becoming a running coach… a whole slew of things!



KSalk FOns Fitcast with Becca Menke

I was SO nervous for this.  Public speaking is a weakness of mine (why do you think I choose writing as my medium of expression?).  But I was so touched and honored to be asked, plus I love listening to all with episodes, so I thought, “Alright, why not!?”  It was such a blast!  We recorded at KSalk’s place and she was kind enough to treat me to some vegan sushi while we recorded.  Gotta start training getting my body used to Japanese food for my upcoming Tokyo trip!


You can listen to the podcast here, and if you have any questions that weren’t answered in the interview, please email me!  I would love to answer any questions you have.  And also give their podcast some love and leave a review, comment, or like their Facebook page.  Same goes for my Facebook Page 😉


What would your running spirit animal be?  Listen to the episode to hear my answer, and then leave your answer in the comments below!



Happy Running,



Ultramarathon Training Week 3



Monday 1/30 – EZ RPE 5

Had a hard time getting up in the morning, so I delayed the run until I returned from my schools.  I needed motivation so I ran on sidewalks to be near people.  Total: 6.5 mi

Tuesday 1/31 – Speed. 5×6 min, RPE 8

I was aiming for just below marathon pace. Thought I ran slower than I did, but looking at splits they were 7:02. 7:02, 7:03, 7:05 7:05. Not as bad as I thought. Did a warmup to zoo to meet David/NP for drills before doing this on the path. Rainy and west wind, hands frozen by the end. Ate 1/2 Huma before and 1/2 after 4th interval. Total: 10.6 mi

Wednesday 2/1 – Strength + EZ RPE 5

Attended Robyn’s strength class at EDGE in the morning and then headed out to the 606 to meet up with Brendan.  We missed each other so I ended up just going this solo.  Nice and slow.  Total: 7 miles

Thursday 2/2- Rest Day Best Day!

Just Yoga for today

Friday 2/3- EZ + NP, RPE 5

Got a late start so I arrived at NP around 6:15 and unfortunately missed all the hugs.  We did some new stair activities and Bring Sally Up burnout.  Panera Breakfast Crew after.  Total: 7 miles

Rehydrating with Nuun and enjoying my new buff at Panera
Saturday 2/4- Long Run, RPE 6

Went to Fleet Feet’s run and saw Jess.  We hadn’t had a chance to run together in almost a year and it was so nice to catch up with her!  Total: 18.3 miles

Sunday 2/5- EZ Trails, RPE 6

What a GLORIOUS day!  Had quite the big group and so much sunshine for once!  Set the Strava course record on Gravity Cavity, whoops.  Total: 9.15 miles



Huge EDGE Athlete Lounge crew came out to take on the trails


I affectionately call this trail “Grog” because the map ends up looking like a dog/dragon/pokemon creature.


Total Week’s Mileage: 58.6 miles  Total Week’s Time: 7 hours, 53 minutes. 

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K Salk

You didn’t seem nervous at all for the podcast! I would have thought you were a natural! Thanks for chatting with us!!