ECS Wisconsin Training Weeks 8-9

ECS Wisconsin Training Weeks 8-9 was a quick build and recovery week. From now until taper, I will be following an up-down cycle, in which one week is an up week and the next is a down week. I’m taking this step up, step down approach to account for a few busy weekend and a busier work schedule in the later half of the month. In terms of blog posts, that means every other week will be a Wisconsin training recap until I hit taper.  You can read about Weeks 1-4 and weeks 5-7  for some additional background.   Today, I’m linking up with Marcia, Erika and Patty for Tuesdays on the Run (you may have heard me refer to it as Training Tuesday)




Week 8 – Build 


Mon 7/24 Tues 7/25 Weds 7/26 Thurs 7/27 Fri 7/28 Sat 7/29 Sun 7/30 Total
5 EZ

5.0 + 8 mi bike commute

10 speed 

11 mi Cricket Hill repeats

6 EZ am + strength + 4 EZ pm

6am, 4pm 



MUCH needed yoga class

6 EZ + NP

6.6 mi, NP, mental health day


    20mi      Crystal Lake, IL


       20mi         Maple Lake




ECS Wisconsin Week 8 highlights 
  • On Tuesday, I did 20 Cricket Hill repeats- more than I had ever done before.  Nez and Jeremy ran a clover leaf pattern on the hill so we would occasionally pass and cheer each other on.  I enjoyed having that company.  Split wise, for the first 10 I averaged 2:06 (7:30 pace) and for the second set I averaged 2:08 (7:38 pace).
  • Wednesday was another double day.  Strength class in the morning worked my glutes and abs a lot; I had that nice burn the next day.  I was working from home in the afternoon, so I just went for an easy jog around the neighborhood in the afternoon and spotted my friend Chris.


  • Friday I took a mental health day off of work and treated myself to a massage and a day in Highland Park to get out of the city.  The spa I tried out was great- they had a relaxation room with tea and hot neck pillows!  Check out my Instagram post for a spa discount.



  • On Saturday I went to Veterans Acres Park in Crystal Lake (where I ran the Earth Day 50k) and ran with Nez, Mike and Stewart.  I got in over 2100ft of elevation gain, plus a change of scenery and some good conversation.  Mike challenged me to make a fig newton recipe, so I’ll be working on that soon!






Week 9 – Down Week


Mon 7/31 Tues 8/1 Weds 8/2 Thurs 8/3 Fri 8/4 Sat 8/5 Sun 8/6 Total
5 EZ

5 EZ + 8mi bike commute

10 speed

8 EZ

6 EZ am + strength + 4 EZ pm

Just strength + 7 mi bike commute


10 treadmill speed 

6 + NP

7.3 mi + NP + 5mi bike commute


23 mi, ran home to HP


13, Waterfall Glen




ECS Wisconsin Week 9 highlights 


  • On Monday, I made a new friend on the path.  I was entering by Belmont and this guy struck up a conversation with me, and then ran with me down to North Ave before peeling off to go jump in the lake.  It was random, but actually enjoyable.  Have you ever gone running with a random stranger on the path?
  • Tuesday I did not feel like doing a speed workout.  I got to EDGE and the thought of doing all that climbing made me cringe.  As I was procrastinating, Lydia and Mo were talking about doing an easy 8 miles, so I jumped in with them.  It was a great choice.  I miss doing midweek runs with friends!  Afterwards, we hit the strength studio for an awesome core workout courtesy of Shawna.



  • Wednesday I normally do a double, but I chose to just do strength and take a rest day.  I think my body was trying to tell me that it needed some time off yesterday.  I just did the single leg strength class at EDGE which was fantastic, and then rode to work.


ECS Wisconsin Training Weeks 8 and 9


  • Thursday, my usual yoga day, turned into the treadmill speed workout that I missed on Tuesday.  NAILED it! And accumulated 2060 ft of elevation in 10 miles.  I felt so much better.
  • Saturday I slept in and then decided at the last minute to run home to Highland Park.  Suburban Puppy Crawl part two!  I haven’t done that long of pavement running in a while, so my feet were a bit sore by the end, but kisses from Frizzle made the trip worth it.  That and the delicious brunch with the parents that followed.
  • Sunday I only had a gloriously short 13 mile run.  In the afternoon, I went to the Chicagogrammers birthday party at Gino’s East and devoured some vegan pizza, and then went to Wrigley with my dad. Unfortunately the Cubs lost, but I still had a great day.


ECS Wisconsin Training Weeks 8-9


That wraps up ECS Wisconsin Training Weeks 8 and 9!  If you’re interested in joining in on the fun, you can visit this website to register for any distance from the 5k to the 50 mile.  Use the code ECSAMBBM15 for 15% off any distance.




Only 39 days until the ECS Wisconsin 50k! EEK!  What are you training for? Leave a comment below so I can give you some training Tuesday love! 



Happy Running,






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Karen :0)

Great job this week! Your massage sounds so nice!!

Janelle @ Run With No Regrets
Janelle @ Run With No Regrets

Great job with your training! I have so much respect for ultrarunners! The single leg strength training is definitely something I need to work on. I’m currently training for the Rock ‘n Roll Brooklyn Half Marathon in October.


Looks like a great week to me! How nice to get out of the city for some relaxation time. Mmmmmm Gino’s East is my favorite!