The Runner’s Name Game

So for today’s post I’m going to let you all inside my nerdy head.  I like to play games or make up things while I’m running to take my mind off the run.  Or to pass the time, I mean, three hours can be a long time alone with your thoughts (I don’t listen to anything while I run).  So welcome to my weird world. Be prepared…

When you run on the path at virtually the same time every week, you start to see the same people.  It’s gotten to the point of frequency that I start to judge my run based on where and when I see them.  “Oh man, I passed the totem pole, I’m already at the bridge and I’m only seeing him now, I’m rocking this run” or “Dang, he’s at the Boat House already?  I’m a turtle today!”  (Yes, I know they could be doing a shorter/longer or faster/slower run that day, or even may have slept in, but the thoughts still enter my mind).

I feel like since we see each other at the same time almost everyday, we should be friends by now.  Hell, you’re a runner out at 5 in the morning just like me, I WANT to be friends with you.  We’d probably get along great!

Unfortunately, on a dark path at 5 in the morning is not the right place to stop and introduce myself.   Oh, social norms.  So instead I’ve reverted to coming up with my own nicknames for them.




So here’s a shoutout to some of the regulars.  Maybe this will progress our awkward eye contact to the level of a sweaty head run:

Chest Tattoo– as you can infer he’s got this huge tattoo on his chest.  I come up with pretty great names, right?  Shoutout to you, man. You take my mind off of running for a good few minutes as I imagine what tattoo I’d get.  You’re also pretty easy on the eyes.

Old Man in the Hat– hey, I never said my nicknames were good. He’s the cutest and most inspiring runner out there for me.  He looks like he’s around 70, has a pretty intense slouch, but he is out there every morning doing a run/walk workout.  Shoutout to you sir, I hope I’m like you when I get older!

Baldy– tall, ab-tastic, and, you guessed it, bald. You’re always running fast and make it look effortless.  Shoutout to you, man!  I do an extra set of ab reps at the gym because of you.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer– she’s a petite but JACKED girl who is always booking it.  Hence Buff-y.  See I can be slightly clever?  Shoutout to you girl because you inspire me to go to the gym!


For now I’ll stick with the eye contact and smile.  Next time, I may even throw in a head nod (“Dude you got a nod!”  “Yeah, she gives good nods.” SERIOUS bonus points to whomever can name the movie).  Hopefully one day we can even progress to a wave and a “Hey!”  But I won’t get too far ahead of myself.  Baby steps, Becca, baby steps.


Do you have regulars you see on your runs?  Any good nicknames you’ve come up with? Hell, ARE you one of the regulars I see?

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