My August Positives: Friday Five

Can you believe that today is the last Friday in August? For today’s Friday Five link up, I’m talking about my 5 August positives.



For the better part of the year, I have been reading about and trying out ways to have a more positive mindset. This year, I dove into the ultramarathon world and what I’ve discovered is that this type of running is way more mental than the marathon world. Staying present and motivated for four, five, six plus hours requires mental strength that I didn’t necessarily need as much for the marathon.


One of the biggest things that has helped me is developing a positive mindset and positive approach to my training. I GET to spend 5 hours in the woods today. I GET to climb 1300 feet on the treadmill. I GET to see what my body is capable of today. My mantra has become “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”



That mindset is spilling over into my non-running life as well. I’ve started to notice and appreciate all the positives in my life; as someone who lives with an eating disorder and depression this is a big, POSITIVE, shift.  It’s been a fun change of perspective.  I’m not sure if I had just been too depressed and wrapped in my head to notice these things before, or if being positive breeds more positivity.  While there were a lot of great things that happened this month, I’m only listing 5 big ones below.



5 August Positives 


1. I had my first sponsored recipe

Earlier this month I worked with Karma Nuts to create a recipe that included their cashews. I made Lemon Coconut Energy Bites to bring on my trail runs and loved the burst of citrus during the workout. The recipe went over really well too!


lemon coconut energy bites yum


I held a contest in conjunction with the recipe (contest is STILL running! Ends 9/1, so you can still participate!) If you make the Lemon Coconut Energy Bites, take a picture of it, post it to social media and tag @rabbitfoodruns, you will enter for a chance to win some free nuts! Good luck, the submissions I’ve already received look delicious!



2. “I’m so happy you have vegan options!”

These last few weeks of August, I’ve been leading professional development sessions for teachers.  I provide a catered lunch, and naturally made sure to provide vegan options.  This past Monday, a teacher could not stop thanking me for the food.  She was so grateful because she normally (like me) would always have to bring her own lunch or have to buy something separately because the organizers never took into consideration plant-based participants. She was beyond excited to be able to partake in lunch


5 august positives


PSA: If you are ever in charge of catering lunch, have a vegan option. We will be ecstatic and think it’s the best event ever


3. I got to see Moose… TWICE

One of my dear friends from freshman year of college visited Chicago earlier this month and we were able to grab drinks and catch up. And THEN I got to see him AGAIN when I went to Wisconsin to run an ungodly amount of miles. He was nice enough to meet me for brunch afterwards even though I was all smelly. While we didn’t get a picture together (next time!), I did get a rare picture of the beer I enjoyed.  Side of soda water, of course.


5 August positives


4. Old friends got married

I had a wonderful time celebrating Brandon and Dipa’s wedding. I had never been to an Indian wedding before, and I loved seeing the traditions. The food was also incredible. I’m really happy I was able to attend and celebrate their special day, especially because I also got to see some old high school friends.


5 August positives





5.  One of my athletes got a PR


I’ve been coaching other runners since March and earlier this month, one of my athletes ran a half marathon PR! I was beyond excited, especially because it was a hot, humid, hilly course.





Positivity goes a long way.  Acknowledging the positives in life, no matter how big or small, just makes everything better.  While I only listed five, there were plenty more moments of positivity through the month of August.  I challenge you to be on the look out for the happy moments in your life for the month of September.



What were your August positives?  Do you have a favorite quote on positivity or perspective?



Happy running,




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Erica L.

A few days ago things were not doing good at work. Major issues were coming up and there’s miscommunication within the team.
I stepped aside, went for a walk did self meditation, reminding myself that these challenges are to make me a better person. I can’t avoid the problem, so I want to stay positive and face it head on.
Thank you for your post! It reminded me to be grateful for what I have now and not just focus on problems.


Normally I count myself as a fairly positive person, but this month has been frustrating on many levels and it’s been hard to maintain that positivity.

How awesome for one of your runners to get a PR! Good job to both of you. I remained healthy in August, so there’s that — at one point I thought I was getting sick. I lost a little weight & I needed to. Running is going pretty good.


Hope your long run went well today! I enjoyed training for my first ultra awhile back. I feel like the race itself is less competitive as well then a marathon. It’s all about your mental toughness like you said and not so much your pace.