Monday Motivation + Week 11 Boston Training


I have two inspiring quotes about running for your Monday Motivation.  The first comes from Running on Om’s host, Julia Hanlon, during her most recent interview with Devon Yanko.


“Running is a creative endeavor: it’s accessing the mind-body-spirit connection, it’s expressing your joy and your talent and your grit and your grace, all of it.”



She was able to articulate what I have felt over and over again, and what I alluded to in my year-end post, as well as last week’s post about what running means to me.  Running has helped me become who I am today, and it is so much fun seeing day in and day out where my body can take me.


I would highly recommend listening to the full podcast, Devon Yanko has lots of inspiring quotes as well!


The second related quote comes from one of my running idols, Kara Goucher.


“Running has always been a relief and a sanctuary—something that makes me feel good, both physically and mentally. For me it’s not so much about the health benefits. Those are great, but I believe that the best thing about running is the joy it brings to life.”


So often, I can get hooked on the hype of a race, feeling like I need to go out there and prove myself.  Or I get such tunnel vision when I train that the daily runs seem like a chore instead of a privilege.  Where’s the fun in that?  My favorite runs are ones where I just enjoy the present moment- I don’t worry about my watch, don’t worry about who is going to see my run on Strava, don’t worry about having to hit certain paces.  I am just free to run, let my mind explore different tangents while I explore the world.  It’s after those runs when I feel refreshed and happy and remember the joy of the sport.




Happy running,




Week 11 Boston Marathon Training

(Catch up on previous week’s here)

Planned: 62 miles.  Actual: 64.5

Solid training week, although with moving on Tuesday I didn’t get in as much cross training as I would have liked.  Ended the week on a high note with 6th place female at the Cary March Madness Half Marathon!


Monday: EZ 10.  Day’s total: 10.14 mi, 7:58 pace

  • AM: Drizzly morning, but it’s amazing how much a good morning run can take the awful day from before and give it new perspective.
  • PM: Ab Blast Express


Tuesday: EZ 8.  Day’s total: 7.07 mi, 7:18 pace

  • AM: Did the same speed workout as last week: 2@MP, 4×400, 2@HMP but I improved! The first two miles were more controlled than last week, 7:20, 7:24. Then my splits for the 4×400 were 1:32, 1:27!! WHAT, 1:34, 1:34.  For the last two miles I pushed close to 10k pace with  6:29, and 6:31.  I averaged 8 seconds faster on those last two, woot woot!
Out on the path for some tough speed work with my favorite running buddy
Out on the path for some tough speed work with my favorite running buddy


  • PM: Moved to a new apartment! FINALLY!  That being said I think I walked up and down at least 50 flights of stairs with all the trips I made.


Wednesday: Planned Speed day, but that didn’t happen.  Day’s total: 3.o

  • AM: Unplanned errand run so I missed November Project
  • PM: Feeling exhausted from moving so I opted out of speed work with Fleet Feet for a rest day instead.


Thursday: Planned rest day, but made up speed work.  Day’s total: 10.10, 7:42 pace

  • 3×10 minutes @HMP with 5 minute jogging rest intervals. I MUCH prefer when I have a distance to go instead of a time interval- it’s just mentally easier for me to lock into a pace. On Tuesday I had no problem doing 2@HMP but today I didn’t get there. On the bright side, every interval was the same pace (~7 min a mile) so at least I was consistent!
Sometimes I crave the morning solitude and the physical exhaustion of a sunrise tempo run
Sometimes I crave the morning solitude and the physical exhaustion of a sunrise tempo run


Friday: November Project + EZ 8, 7:56 pace. 

  • Didn’t do much running at NP, it was mostly body weight and plyometrics.


Hilarious failed jumping pic. I don't even think I got off the ground!
Hilarious failed jumping pic. I don’t even think I got off the ground!


Beautiful sunrise run home


Saturday: EZ 8. Day’s total: 8.39 mi, 7:47 pace

  • AM: With the half marathon planned for tomorrow I took a few easier miles today.  Got to see some of the Lakefront 10 miler and cheer on the runners at mile 5.
  • PM: Hot yoga ay Yoga Six.  Needed some mental and physical stretching.


Sunday: (Planned 18) March Madness Half Marathon. Day’s total: 18.36, 6:55 pace for the half

  • Woke up early and headed out to Cary, IL with some friends to tackle the very hilly March Madness Half Marathon.  Those hills are nothing to mess with! Ended up 6th place overall female, running a 1:30:49 (same time as the F3 Half in January!)


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