New Idea to Improve Glute Strength

I have very weak glutes and hips.  This summer, I did physical therapy two times a week, and when I began, the therapist did an overall inventory on the strength of various muscles.  To test my hip and glute strength, the therapist had me lay on my side and raise one leg 45 degrees.  He told me to use my strength to resist him as he pushed my leg down…. what a joke.  Let’s just say my leg hit the table before he even began.


It was pretty obvious that I needed to improve my hip and glute strength.  One of my favorite exercises that I learned was a simple twist on a using the leg press.





Grab a resistance band and place it around your thighs, just above your knees.  Keeping your legs shoulder-width apart, push out against the band.  Then use the leg press like normal, making sure to keep your knees pushing out.  This is what activates your glutes and maximizes the exercise.  Aim for 3 sets of 15.


The first time I did these, I was still sore two days later!  The resistance band is a simple addition you can make to the leg press to target even more muscle groups and maximize your time in the gym.


I apologize in advance for your sore butts.


Happy running,


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