Final week of taper + Boston Marathon Training Week 14

Today is exactly one week out from the Boston Marathon, meaning I am entering into my final week of taper.



WOOHOO! I can’t wait!


FUCK it’s just one week away? Where did the time go?

Panic attack

OMG my foot hurts. It’s never hurt before? Shit what if I can’t run?

sick black lung

Ugh I’m so tired, I just want to nap.

take nap


FOOD. I need food NOW. Carbo load time!


Man, I can’t wait to celebrate.


This is going to be SO MUCH FUN!


So far, tapering for the marathon has not been going exactly as according to plan.  When I tapered for Detroit, I did 4 weeks of taper since my marathon was a week later than Chicago and I was pacing a summer running group that was following the Chicago schedule.  That was WAY too long for me, and I think that frustration has carried over to this training cycle because it’s been hard for me to cut back on my runs.  The rational part of my brain know that I need to ease up, but the recovering eating disorder side of the brain still wants me to go hard everyday.  This mix of hype, excitement, and anxiety doesn’t help either.


But luckily I have two very wise running buddies who gave me a verbal slap in the face this weekend.



“There is no amount of training you can do during the final week of taper to make your race better.  There is, however, training you can do to make it worse.”


Bottom line is you need to go into the race rested, and that won’t be the case if you keep up higher mileage this week just because you feel the need to.  Would you rather have the high of nailing a good marathon- a feeling that lasts for years- or another daily run by the lake- something you won’t remember in a week because it’ll blur into all your other runs?  Thank you Hayley and Katie for the reality check.


So during this final week of taper, rest. Relax.  Don’t overdo it.  Let your body recovery from the awesome work you did in the other weeks.  Remember that running is fun.



Happy running,



Boston Marathon Training Week 14

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Planned: 44 mi.  Actual: 46.5 mi.

Even though my speed workouts were still on point, my easy runs this week felt rusty and I found myself just feeling worn down.  I was upset that it snowed/sleeted on Saturday because I really wanted to just crank out some marathon paced miles to get myself in the groove for the race, but such is life.

Monday 9 Ez.  Day’s total: 8.11, 7:56 avg.

  • AM: Hit the path in the morning to experience some wicked north winds- splits were over a one minute differential going into the wind vs. having a tailwind.  Of course the headwind was on the way home.
  • PM: Exhale Core Fusion Barre.  A pretty good barre/strength workout, not enough abs.


Tuesday:8 EZ. Day’s total: 8.08, 7:57 avg.

  • Did easy warmup with Bob and Clocktower, then did 2 miles of hill sprints, then some slow Becca Loops before heading home.
Incredible sky in the morning
Incredible sky in the morning

Wednesday: NP + Speed (2×15 minutes).  Day’s total: 10.05

  • AM:  Needed some hugs so I went to NP but didn’t stay longer than the warmup.  I was able to get my Boston outfits tagged though!
  • PM: Ran to the store and then did the warmup and drills.  For the first set I was able to run 2.2 miles and had 6:55 and 6:52 splits. For the second set I hit 2.25 miles and averaged 6:40 and 6:49.

Thursday: XT/Rest Day.

  • AM: Buddha Burn
  • PM: Massage with Kelly.


Friday:  NP + 7 EZ. Day’s total: 8.02, 7:42 avg.

  • AM: NP again for the hugs.  Left a half way into the workout so I could run home and make it to work on time (in the office).


Saturday: 10.0.  Day’s total 11.29,  8:17 avg.

  • AM: Had all intentions of doing marathon miles, but when you wake up and the path is covered in a sheet of ice and snow, the plan changed to “let’s just not fall.”  Which unfortunately did not happen, I totally bit it 7 miles in but luckily didn’t hurt myself.



  • PM: Watched some friends finish the Lakefront 50k and then I headed to the Recovery Room to try out the compression pants and compression hips (which just resemble giant inflatable diapers).



Sunday: XT/Rest. Day’s total 0.

  • Originally going to go for just a 4 mile easy run, but thanks to Katie’s advice from above I stuck to zero running and just did some bikram yoga in the afternoon.



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