Weekly Wrap 12/17/17

Holy cow, we are mid December.  Lately, I am more and more surprised at how quickly time passes.  Is this what it’s like to get older?  Time just passes quicker and quicker?  Yeesh.  In any case, just finished F3 Half Marathon training week 7!  Ended on a high note, as well as a yummy vegan note.  Linking up with Tricia and Holly for the Weekly Wrap and MCM Mama for Tuesday on the Run.



Monday 12/11/17

Run: Easy 7.

Blog/coaching/other: Monday was pretty uneventful.  Checked some coaching logs, planned some recipes, not much.


Tuesday 12/12/17

Run: Benchmark mile time trial.  I was going to do this on the treadmill, because it was going to be 5 degrees with the windchill, but then I would have left Andy alone at NP Sprint Tuesday.  But then Andy didn’t show up, so I was alone in the dark.  To put it briefly, this run sucked.  I was slower, SLOWER, than my initial time trial the first week of training.  With 2 miles of warm-up, drills and strides, I still felt cold.  The worst part is that during the run I could tell that I was slow and just couldn’t convince myself to run faster.

After the mile was over, I jogged for 2 minutes, disappointed, and then decided it would be a good idea to try to run it again and get a better time.  Hey, I was warmed up by now, right?  Reality: It doesn’t work like that.  That second attempted mile was slower than my goal half marathon pace. I even tried to take a jumping picture to cheer myself up, but didn’t time it correctly.  Clearly Tuesday was not my day, and I left the track feeling disappointed, slow, fat and pathetic.

Blog/coaching/other: Had a check-in call with an athlete who lives in Canada.  She informed me of the show Canada Reads.  It’s a “battle of the books” Survivior-esque show in which celebrities argue for why the book they choose is THE book that all of Canada should read.  In each episode, a book is voted off until one is crowned the winner.  One hundred percent my kind of show and after our phone call I immediately watched the first episode from this past year.  Amazing.



Wednesday 12/13/17

Run: I did nothing today.  Literally nothing.  No strength class, no yoga class, no run. Hangover depression from yesterday’s miserable time trial.

Blog/coaching/other: Put up my Christmas tree!  I decorated it with my medals from this year along with other special ones from pervious years.  With all the ultra medals and buckles, this was my favorite tree yet!



Thursday 12/14/17

Run: 9miles – 5@goal pace.  Mediocre – was able to get 3.5 out of the 5 miles on pace.  Having a tough time getting the speed down, and trying my hardest not to compare myself to the old Becca.

Blog/coaching/other: Perspective shift:  The bright side about having to drive out to Indiana for work is that I can catch up on podcasts.  Listened to How I Build This, Death Sex and Money and Moth Radio Hour.  Could I be more NPR?


Friday 12/15/17

Run: 7 miles + NP.  Partnered with Katie who I had not seen in months (nbd, she was just off training for fights).  It was fun to catch up and hear about the fighting world and all her training.

Blog/coaching/other: Published Vegan Chocolate Pecan Pie recipe.


vegan chocolate pecan pie tofu dates


Saturday 12/16/17

Run: 12 miles, 4x [2 easy + 1 @ goal pace].  I felt wonderful.  Sunshine and 40 degree weather definitely helped.  I felt strong throughout each goal pace mile and was happy to see that I was consistent each time.

Blog/coaching/other: Had the November Project holiday party at night.  It always so nice to hang out with everyone and not be in workout clothes.  Although I did wear Christmas themed tights and a giant sweatshirt, so it wasn’t quite normal clothes.


Sunday 12/17/17

Run: 6 easy.  Late night for me last night meant I slept in today and stayed local.  Just did a short easy run on the 606 trail, kept it all in zone 2.

Blog/coaching/other: Went to the Chicago Vegan Test Kitchen pop-up at Emporium Bar with Jon.  It was so much fun!  I tried out some new vendors – Bravos Tamales and St Martaen for food and the Chunky Scones for dessert.  My favorite part was sitting at the giant family style tables and meeting new people.  Shoutout to Joyce, Sabrina, Darcy, Candice, plus many more.  And shoutout to vegan mac ‘n’ cheeze.  It was delicious!




Looking forward to this coming week I will be in the office for our Winter Break meetings so unfortunately will not have as much time to catch up with blogging as I’d like.  But I’ll be posting on Instagram like usual, so follow @Rabbitfoodruns to stay up on the latest running and recipe extravaganzas.


How was your week?  What are you doing for the holidays?  Let me know in the comments below or give me a shout on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook



Happy running,




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Agness of Fit Travelling

That vegan chocolate pecan pie recipe seems awesome and your week seems great. You’re doing an awesome job, Becca!


I can’t believe that Christmas will soon be here. I like your tree. I did not know you ran Tokyo. I’ll have to go back and read your race recap. I put my elf medal up on my tree this year that I placed first in my AG. But a lot of mine are so heavy. I think it’d weigh the tree down too much.

HoHo Runs

I bet if you try the benchmark mile another day when the weather is better, you’ll nail it! I love your medal tree! I’m going to have to steal that idea. Canada Reads sound very interesting…and different! Thanks for linking.


You had a great week! That Canada Reads show sounds great — and so much classier than any U.S. voting shows. 😉 That pecan pie looks amazing!

Deborah @ Confessions of mother runner

That’s so fun to decorate your tree with medals! Hope you have a great week ahead


That show sounds incredible. I don’t think our US celebrities read though. The only contestant would be Oprah. I’d still watch.


I love your medal decorated tree! I would never think to do that!


i love the idea of decorating the tree with race medals – nice to get another use out of that race bling!


2015 was totally the best Canada Reads year. Someone literally tossed a book at someone and demanded they read a passage and an elimination was so shocking a photo of the audience reaction went viral (well, viral in Canada, hahaha). If you do watch a full season from beginning to end, that’s totally the one to do.