F3 Half Marathon Training Week 6

Hello lovelies! Another week completed of my F3 Half Marathon training program, another week of blogging, another week of coaching in the books. The year seemed to be crawling along at the beginning, but now it’s December and 2018 is just around the corner! Linking up with Tricia and Holly for the Weekly Wrap and MCM Mama for Tuesday on the Run.




F3 Half Marathon Training Week 6


Monday 12/4

Run: Easy 7 miles in the morning before heading off to a school for a full day of coaching.

Blog/Coaching: It was National Cookie Day!! I posted a simple recipe for these delicious vegan peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.  The cookies are naturally sweetened and gluten-free – I try to please all lifestyles when I can.  Check it out and let me know what you think!



Tuesday 12/5

Run: Speed.  Met AJ at EDGE and knocked out 4×1 mile repeats on the treadmill.  First two at 10k pace, next two at 5k pace.  I was SO grateful for the company!  Felt ok through the first two, and was able to get through the next two but mentally I was repeating “get to the recovery interval, get to the recovery interval.”  8 miles total.

Blog/Coaching  GUYS! My blog has an Amazon store now!  Check it out for some of my favorite kitchen and running related products.  If you purchase through the store, I will receive a small commission fee – which I use to create the recipes you find on the blog.  Any products you’d like to see on the store page?


Wednesday 12/6

Run: No run, just strength class.  It was single leg day, HOLLA!  LOVE this day because it’s challenging yet I can see a ton of progress in my ability to balance.  And running is always on just one leg, so it’s just one giant balancing movement.

Blog/Coaching:  Had a great check in with Christine about running progress so far – one month in and she’s already getting faster!



Thursday 12/7

Run: 5 miles tempo.  This was supposed to be 7 miles, 5 at tempo, alternating between .5 mi at tempo pace and .5mi at 10k pace.  I was having such an off day. Felt sluggish, sore and tired.  I couldn’t hit my paces and ended up getting so worked up in my head about it that I stopped early.  Immediately, I texted Shawna, doubting that I could hit the paces that I want to for F3.  She talked me out of it, but it was not a pleasant day.  My back has also been hurting a lot, so I went to see Dr. Ryan and got realigned/stretched out.

Real work:  Team leader came with me to visit a school.  I was SO nervous about seeing one of my teachers since the last few visits had been hit or miss but it was a WONDERFUL visit!  It reminded me why I love working with teachers and what difference good support and practice can make in a classroom.

Blog/Coaching: POSTED 5 Best Strength Move for Runners.  What do you think of these moves?  Anything that you’d add?


single leg deadlifs



Run: Easy 6 miles + NP.  Because the temperature was in the teens, I was waffling about running to November Project in the morning or just going to EDGE for a core class and run.  Ultimately, I wanted hugs and to see friends, so I ran down to NP.  I was grateful that I was late because I ran into Bob along the path.

Other: My mom came down for lunch and the One of a Kind Show.  Anyone else just love spending time with their mom?  We had such a fun afternoon looking at all the unique artists.  The picture below is from my favorite – “The Spark Plug Guy,” who makes metal figurines out of spark plugs and scraps.  How cute!





Run: Met with the Pink Squad at EDGE Athlete Lounge for our long run.  11 miles easy, no pace fluctuations this time.  It was the first snowy run of the year!  My back felt SO much better.  I have another appointment in two weeks to keep tabs on the pain.

Other:  Went to my first Ugly Christmas Sweater Party of the season and had a blast.  Christmas music and holiday sweaters are my jam.



Run: Went to the trails for a super easy morning.  Was supposed to meet up with Matt but I overslept (whaat?! I rarely do that).  Maple Lake was very icy so I took it slow – aerobic zone the whole time.  I don’t think my heart rate got above 130.

Other: Went back to the One of a Kind Show with my friend Angela.  It was our first time seeing each other in TOO long, so it was a great chance to catch up and shop for some knickknacks.  We found some delicious jams and salsas from River Valley Kitchens.  They had so many mushroom products – mushroom salsas, pasta sauces – that had thick chunky mushrooms.  I was in heaven.




And that’s a wrap on F3 Half Marathon training Week 6! Looking ahead to this week, running-wise, I have a few initial coaching meetings with some new runners, plus another build week for training.  Blog wise, I am hopefully posting a recipe (vote below).  Work wise, getting in some last coaching visits before schools break for Winter Break.  Hopefully the week goes pretty smooth!



How was your week?  What cookies would you make for National Cookie Day?  Vote for the next recipe:  Vegan Chocolate Pecan Pie or Vegan “Crab” Cakes.  Let me know what other products you’d like to see in my Amazon store.   PS If you’d like to join in on the F3 Half Marathon fun, use code RABBIT for $6 off the entry fee! 



Happy running,




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Amy @ Life to the Full

Great week of workouts and… those cookies… YUM! They do look delicious! I vote chocolate pecan pie next week – I have a little sweet tooth, can you tell?! 😊


Looks like you had a great week! I need to check out your posts from last week- the cooke recipe and strength workout both sound intriguing!

HoHo Runs

Getting to spend time with your Mom is priceless. I love the concept of the spark plug art! I think my favorite cookie is oatmeal chocolate chip. I just made a big batch with my grandson that were delicious. I sent them home with him except a few…that the large dog I’m fostering stole off the counter! Oops. Thanks for linking!


I’m loving leg day lately, but I always dread single leg work! I know it’s necessary, but it’s so hard and I’m such a wimp, haha.


I’m considering the F3 half. We’ll see how the weather behaves…

Deborah @ Confessions of mother runner

I am really intrigued by the vegan crab cakes! I did not know you could set up a store on Amazon-neat


I heard it was National Cookie Day but I didn’t even have any! So cool your blog has a store on Amazon. I am going to check it out. Great leg workout. I may have to incorporate some of those moves for my clients.