F3 Half Marathon Training Week 3: Weekly Wrap 11/19

Today was a wonderful way to wrap up week 3 of F3 Half Marathon Training.  Maybe it’s because the sun came out for what feels like the first time all November.  Maybe it’s because I was doing what I loved: trail running with friends, cheering on one of my athletes from afar), and having an in-person coaching session.  Or, maybe it’s because I made myself a kick-ass tofu scramble for breakfast after all that excitement.  Regardless, this was a lovely way to end a kind of rough week.  Linking up for the Weekly Wrap to recap F3 Half Marathon training Week 3.




Highlights from F3 Half Marathon Training Week 3


Monday 11/15

Run: Easy 7.2 miles.  Met Nez and ran on the 606.  Finished with a 20  minute strength set to focus on glutes and core.

Real work:  PreK training.  It was actually a great session and I was happy to hear how the year has been going so far.


F3 Half Marathon Training Week 3


Tuesday 11/14

Run: 7 miles, 5x .5@5k pace. This was rough; initially was going to do it in the evening but for a number of reasons ended up doing this in the middle of the afternoon. Was not able to reach 5k pace, but maintained a semblance of consistency.  3:18, 3:17, 3:23, 3:23, 3:22.

Real Work: In the field for what felt like the first time in weeks because of all the trainings.  It was a long day.

Other:  I let my eating disorder get the better of me today, which is why my run didn’t go well.  I realize that I do not make appropriate food choices if I put my run off to the evening time.  So I basically didn’t eat much, then tried to do the intervals because I couldn’t wait until the evening with the run and food hanging over me.  It was EXTREMELY frustrating to feel like I have made so much progress but yet not enough.


Wednesday 11/15

Run:  Off day, just a total body strength class.  Biked to work.

Real Work: In the office because it was report card pick-up day for CPS.

Other: Today was better mentally, but feeling the aftermath of Tuesday.  I loved the quote on my morning tea: “The difference between a flower and a weed is a judgement.” I tend to judge myself way too harshly and view myself as a weed, so I am working on finding my inner flower.


Thursday 11/16

Run: 6 miles, with 4 at tempo.  It was hard, but a good workout.  I felt so relieved afterwards; I was worried about how I would do given how crappy I felt Tuesday.  Did this in the morning after posture class and was able to hit my paces, except for the last half mile.  I’m really happy to see that my anaerobic threshold is improving.

Real work: Typical day at schools; had some nice sessions with the teachers and got a chance to work with some students too. The Coaching Team Leader joined me on the visit so it was nice to have a second set of eyes in the classroom.

Other: Published a new recipe on the blog: Roasted Vegetables with Maple Tahini Dressing.  It’s a perfect recipe for Thanksgiving, especially because it brings such color to an otherwise brown looking plate.



Friday 11/17

Run: Easy 5.5 mi run to November Project for the workout.  It was a glorious morning.

Other: Recipe testing in the kitchen.  Doing some RD for pumpkin corn bread and a farro salad.  If you have a recipe request, leave a comment below!


Saturday 11/18

Run:  Holy COW the weather today!  Pouring rain and blustery winds up to 25 mph!  I was so thankful to have EDGE people to meet up with and keep me motivated to run outside.  We took turns blocking the wind, but I will say I fell behind for a bit.  I need to improve my mental strength running in strong winds, that’s for sure!

Other: Birthday party, Friendsgiving, general Saturday shenanigans.



Sunday 11/19

Run: 8 easy trail miles, plus 2 coaching miles. Nez picked me up and we headed to the trails.  I was so happy to see a large November Project crew there.  It was such a change from Saturday – clear skies, sun, “warm” 30 degree temperatures and no wind.  The trails put me in such a great mood!  I got home and then immediately headed to Montrose Track to meet an athlete for a form analysis and time trial.  Did the warmup and cool down lap with her.

Other: SUPER PUMPED for one of the athletes I was coaching this year.  He ran the Philadelphia Marathon, and experienced 30+ mph winds and STILL got a PR and BQ time!  I woke up early to text him and begin tracking him, and throughout my trail run I got text updates.  So excited for him!



Love these guys


And that’s a wrap on F3 Half Marathon training Week 3! Looking forward to this week, I have work Monday – Wednesday (crossing my fingers it’ll be easy), and I’m trying to decide if I do a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving or if I just do a tempo run on my own.  For Thanksgiving I am bringing a few dishes to my aunt’s gathering, and then Friday I have my 10 year high school reunion! Eek!



How was your week?  Would you like to see a breakfast, main dish, or dessert recipe on the blog?  What are you doing for Thanksgiving?


Happy running,






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OMG Saturday was heinous! I conveniently made that a rest day. Ha! I am coaching high school track athletes through their pre-season and we talk SO much about fuel for runs, weightloss/gain etc. The mental struggles are real.

HoHo Runs

Running in the wind is no joke! Awesome job in getting that done. I must say, I love the words of wisdom on the tea bag. I’ll go to my in-laws for Thanksgiving. And eat way too much. Thanks for linking!

Embrace the Journeys

Good for you for running in that brutal weather and wind! The veggies and maple tahini looks delicious!