Changes and 2017 Goals

Hi friends,

This year I am starting some exciting new changes and taking on some big goals, both in my personal life and on my blog.  They’re pretty lofty, but I know they’re totally doable, and I can’t wait to tackle them.   What better way to share them with the world than on eve of the new year?



First goal:  Grow my blog.   

I’ve had my blog for over a year now (Whaaaaaaat? Where has the time gone?) and I am finally starting to feel comfortable writing and sharing the content with the world.  I’d love to get more readers and connect more with my subscribers.  After talking with some lovely women in the local Chicago blogosphere, I’ve decided to start a newsletter for subscribers.  Currently, I’m calling it the “Rundown.




Ha.  I crack myself up.  The Rundown will be a quick bi-weekly email blast sharing running tips, recipes, yogi ramblings, and just small insights into my life.  You can subscribe on the top right hand side of the page where it says “Subscribe to Blog,” or I’ve added a form at the end of the post.  Join me, and then add your suggestion for a newsletter name!  Seriously, I’m taking suggestions, the punnier the better.


Second goal: Run an ultramarathon

Yeah.  I said it.  I verbaled.  I committed. The Ice Age 50 mile race is my A Race for the spring.  Some of you are thinking, “Becca, what about easing in with a 50k first?”  Nope, because I like to set big goals that kind of scare me but mostly exhilarate me.


So, why am I moving into the ultramarathon realm?  Easy answer.  It’s a WAY more relaxed atmosphere than road racing and I’m kind of sick of the intensity of marathons.  At a road race, everyone arrives at the start, out for blood.  They want to race it.  They want to get a certain time.  They want to pound away at the pavement and feel the glory of a medal around their neck.  They care only about themselves.



I will be the first to admit that I am 100% guilty of this.  On race day, I am in the zone (above picture).  Do not talk to me.  Do not mention the weather.  Do not ask me how I am doing.  Do not try to run with me (unless you’re that Mystery Man, then yes, please come back).


I get so nervous about performing to a certain standard, about proving that I am fast, that in all honesty?  I normally don’t actually enjoy the race.  For me, I enjoy the training before and the celebrating afterwards.  That’s where I develop the bonds with other runners, build my body, learn about myself.  Don’t get me wrong, there have been races that I have loved every second of, but usually I find the whole race day atmosphere exhausting, and much prefer the fun long runs with friends during training over racing.


You’re still asking yourself, “How does this relate to ultramarathons?”  At all the ultras that I’ve been to as a supporter or volunteer, there is zero anxiety.  No one is freaking out that their GPS watch won’t sync.  No one is freaking out about getting into the corral before it closes.  No one is obsessively checking their mile splits at each mile marker.


Instead, the atmosphere is calm, the mentality is “it’s a beautiful day to run in the woods,” the camaraderie that I love about running is alive during the race.  People run together for a few miles, stop and chat with the volunteers at the aid stations, actually look around at the scenery during the race.  I want that relaxed vibe.  I need that relaxed vibe.


Who wouldn’t want to run out here?


At least, that’s my perception of ultras.  Who knows, I could be completely wrong.  But I won’t know until I try.  Ice Age 50 mile her I come!


Third goal:  Become a certified running coach


This is something that I’ve wanted to do for a while.  I am a natural-born educator; for years I was a bilingual elementary school teacher before I realized that I wanted to work more with adults.  Now, I work as a bilingual literacy coach, and while I love what I do, I want to help people reach their fitness goals too.  Finally I just thought, what’s stopping you Becca?  So I’m doing it.  And so far I am LOVING it!  Through the certification I am learning so much about running and biomechanics and how the body works.  Everyday I’m nerding out over something new.  I cannot wait to start taking on clients and helping other runners improve.


Study time with Pugcovery to help 🙂



That’s it.  Three big, audacious, exciting 2017 goals.  Can’t wait!


What are your 2017 goals?  Comment below and we can hold each other accountable 🙂


Happy running,


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