2017 Holiday Kitchen Gift Guide

I’m linking up with the Friday Five crew and the Foodie Friday ladies to bring you my five favorite items in this 2017 holiday kitchen gift guide.  Please note that this post was not sponsored by any company, it’s just out of pure love (or want).  It does contain affiliate links. 


Are you a procrastinator when it comes to buying gifts? Do you purposely not go shopping on Black Friday and #optoutside instead?  Does your family do a Secret Santa gift exchange and you drew the name of your vegan blogging sister who spends a lot of time creating recipes and testing them out in her kitchen? (How’s that for subtle?) This 2017 Holiday Kitchen Gift Guide is great for you!

This blog has been a wonderful way for me to develop a better relationship with food and share vegan creations with athletes around the world. You have no idea how happy it makes me when someone texts me or tags me on social media to show how they’ve tried out one of these recipes. It you dig back deep in the post history, you’ll see that my recipes have come a long way as I’ve learned my way around the kitchen. Having the right kitchen equipment is a HUGE help!


Whether you are vegan or not, having the proper kitchen equipment can transform your cooking from chore to adore. Word Nerd coming in strong.  Proper kitchen tools make cooking more efficient and the resulting food is higher quality.  Invest money into these kitchen gifts and your gift recipient will be be happier, more satisfied, and might even invite you over for a home-cooked meal!


Food Processor 

Why you need it: A food processor is a major step up from a blender. It quickly pulverizes coarse foods that stay lumpy in a regular blender (think nuts, dried fruit, beans, etc). You can make hummus, vegan chocolate ice cream, or these cherry energy bites to take on a long run.



Most food processors also come with slicers and shredders so you can also make things like zucchini burgers or spicy enchiladas.

As far as kitchen gift guide goes, this is one of those tools that most people don’t know is missing from their lives until they’ve had one for a while and discovered how much more convenient it is.




Stand Mixer

Why you need it: A stand mixer is an upgrade from a hand mixer.  It allows you to whip, blend and mix for long periods of time without tiring. It also frees up your hands so you can easily mix and pour ingredients simultaneously.  Thus, a stand mixer typically leads to a more efficient and complete blending of ingredients, and therefore better results. If you make a lot of breads, cookies, cakes and frosting, marshmallows, etc, then a stand mixer makes your job a LOT easier! As far as kitchen gift, this is one of those items that is probably on a serious baker’s wish list.





Pizza Stone

Why you need it:  A pizza stone is a ceramic slab that helps you make the perfect pizza. The stone absorbs moisture and conducts heat evenly, allowing the pizza crust get perfectly crisp and chewy.  Yes, you can use a baking sheet, but if you want to elevate your pizza game then get a pizza stone. Yes, it’s primarily for pizzas, but you can also use the stone to bake bread or cookies.  A pizza stone is probably something that’s on your foodie wish list so it would make a great holiday kitchen gift.




Good Knives

When my brother and I were younger, I think he was seven (?), we were at a family white elephant party and he unwrapped a huge set of knives. We still joke about the look on his face – a mixture of disappointment, horror, curiosity, and utter “I have no idea how to react.” But if you’re gifting to an adult, then good knives is a useful present.

Why you need it: A knife is probably the only kitchen tool you have to use every time your prepare food.  Imagine all the vegetables that you peel, chop, slice, dice, mince, julienne, or brunoise! (yes I looked that word up, I’m not that fancy) Having a few good sharp knives will make this process so much easier. You don’t need to buy a knife set – in fact there are some pretty sub-par knives hidden in sets.  Instead, you’re better off buying a few high quality knives. You’ll end up spending a similar amount of money but the quality will be a lot better.



Running Mugs

This is a foodie and fitness blog after all, I would be remiss not to have a cute running themed kitchen gift on this list!  If you know me, you will know that I drink tea every morning.  My alarm goes off, I groggily get out of bed and shuffle into the kitchen to put on a kettle of hot water while I change into my running clothes. Recently I tried coffee for the first time, and may have to add that to the rotation.  There are a ton of cute mugs on Etsy or Amazon so a foodie runner can proudly display their accomplishments.   I found some of my favorite Amazon ones below:




I hope you found this holiday kitchen gift guide useful!  What’s on your kitchen essentials list?  Share the love on social media, tag @Rabbitfoodruns on Instagram and Twitter. 


Happy holidays,


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Deborah @ Confessions of mother runner

A set of good knives is a must!


I just remodeled my kitchen so I for sure coud use some new stuff!

Oh, I have a kitchen aid stand mixer but I actually prefer to use the little hand mixer instead….haha