Running Resume

I’ve raced a lot over the years.  Friends are always asking for race recommendations, asking which races I have done and which I haven’t.  Yet. So I created this running resume, a list of my past races.  It’s also just a helpful place for me to remember what I’ve done and look back and reflect on my progress.  The races after 2015 when I started the blog have links to race recaps.


I began in 2008, just dabbling with races.  When I finished my first marathon (October 2013) I was hooked and decided to pursue running a marathon in every state.  Through that training, I began entering into lots of other races.  Now, distances from 5ks to halfs have become a regular part of my training.  Even marathons are becoming part of my ultra training!


Once I developed a larger running network, I started repeating states in order to run marathons with friends.  While I still think it would be great to run a marathon in each state, I’m putting that on the back burner and instead setting goals of doing races with friends.  That and getting the World Majors.  I like to travel, I like to race, I like to do all that with friends.  Why not take “runcations?”


Becca’s Running Resume


  • August 10th – Chicago Distance Classic, Chicago, IL – 1:49:15


Coach Becca Running Resume First race
After my very first race ever!


  • April 25th – Crazylegs Classic 8k, Madison, WI – 40:18 (8k PR)
  • August 2nd – Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon, Chicago, IL – 1:45:58 (*new half PR)


  • August 21st – Madison Mini-Marathon, Madison, WI – 1:52:26


  • June 12th – North Shore Classic Half Marathon, Highland Park, IL – 1:47:26
  • September 17th – Warrior Dash Mud Run 5k, Twin Peaks, WI – 34:06



  • May 26th – Madison Half Marathon, Madison, WI – 1:48:27
  • July 28th – Big 10k, Chicago, IL – 48:40


  • February 10th – North Shore Cupid’s Love Dash 10k, Highland Park, IL – 48:50 
  • April 27th – Crazyleg Classic 8k, Madison, WI – 36:57 (** new 8k PR)
  • June 15th – Lighthouse 10 miler, Racine, WI – 1:16:37 (10 mile PR)
  • July 27th – Big10k, Chicago, IL – 46:25 (**new 10k PR)
  • September 3rd – Lapham Peak Trail Half Marathon, Delafield, WI – 1:58:18 
  • October 6th- Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon, Milwaukee, WI – 3:38:49 (first marathon!)
  • November 28th – North Shore Turkey Trot 10k, Highland Park, IL – 46:57


  • April 19th- Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon, Louisville, KY – 3:24:29 (new PR and BQ)
  • May 25th- Med City Marathon, Rochester, MN – 3:39:18
  • June 14th – Summerfest Rock n’ Sole Half Marathon, Milwaukee, WI – 1:33:53 (**new half PR)
  • July 26th – Big10k, Chicago, IL – 42:08 (*new 10k PR)
  • October 10th – The Chicago Marathon, Chicago, IL 3:18:08 – (new PR and BQ)




  • April 20th- The Boston Marathon, Boston, MA – 3:24:42 – (BQ)
  • May 3rd- The Flying Pig Marathon, Cincinnati, OH – 3:20:31 – (BQ)*** Running this race also inducted me into the Marathon Maniacs club
  • June 13th – Summerfest Rock’n’Sole Half Marathon, Milwaukee, WI – 1:29:42 (*new half PR)
  • July 25th – Big10k, Chicago, IL – 41:26 (*new 10k PR)
  • September 12th – The Hennepin Hundred Relay, Sterling, IL – 14:13:13 – (*Our team set the course record!)
  • September 6th – Mag Mile Half Marathon, Chicago, IL – 1:32:28 
  • October 18th- Detroit Free Press Marathon, Detroit, MI 3:17:49 – (a new marathon PR and BQ)
  • November 26th – North Shore Turkey Trot 10k, Highland Park, IL 40:37 (*new 10k PR)
  • December 13th – Rudolph Ramble 8k, Chicago, IL 32:45 (**new 8k PR)





Chicago Marathon 2016 – New PR





Icce Age 50
Photo Cred: Mike F.


Many more races to come!