2016 Madison to Chicago Ragnar Relay Recap

  This weekend 5 of my crazy friends and I participated on an ultra team for the Madison to Chicago Ragnar Relay.  It was my very first time running a Ragnar race- I had wanted to do this Chicago Ragnar for years now but could never find friends who were

How to Cook Beets

My first introduction to beets was in the ’90s.     Aaaahh  EEE OOOO.  Killer Tofu!!  That was the hit song from The Beets on the ’90’s Nickelodeon show Doug.  Great subliminal advertising for beets and hilarious play on words. — Fast forward twenty years and beets are a running

How to Deal with a DNF

Weakness and failure are my two biggest fears.   Both happened to me this past Saturday.   I was supposed to run the Ogden Marathon in Utah.  It was supposed to be my 8th state, 10th marathon, and 3rd so far this year.  It was supposed to be gorgeous and