Newest Honey Stinger Hive Member


Guys!  I’m super excited!!!!

I got this lovely present in my inbox today!  Merry Christmas to me!



Ahhhh!!! I’m geeking out!  Nerd Alert hard core.

I’m thrilled to be joining the Honey Stinger Hive!  Their chews are the best that I’ve found, both in terms of quality of ingredients, substance, and taste, and I’ve used them during all my marathons.   I can’t stomach energy gels well, something about the consistency weirds me out, so I rely heavily on the chews during races or long runs.   Or, pro tip: if you drink coffee or tea before you run, put one of the waffles over the mug to warm it up a tad- or get really fancy and add a bit of peanut butter and banana to the waffle like you would to toast!

A lot of the Honey Stinger products are dairy free, and made with honey from friendly bees.  For this vegan runner, honey isn’t an issue, so I gobble these up like candy!



If you love the product like I do, I encourage you to apply to be a Honey Stinger Hive member. If you want more information about them let me know!


Happy Running (and happy holidays!)





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