You’ll Never Look at Your Foam Roller the Same Way

I love my foam roller. I use it before and after a run. And then randomly in the middle of the afternoon. And during commercials if I’m watching TV. Basically, I’m on that thing 4-5 times a day.


I’ll do a more extensive blog post about using the foam roller later, but for this Nerd-day Thursday post I wanted to give you all a little “Rabbit Food for Thought” so you have something else to think about while using your roller besides the oh-so-good pain.



Does anyone else look at their foam roller when they are about to use it and start channeling Luda?!?!



♫ Roll out

Me and my homies, so drop that!



That little part pops into my head EVERY time.


Or let’s say it’s 7pm and I didn’t have a chance to stretch well earlier in the day after my run. I grab my foam roller and HOLY COW my muscles are tight and I have a ton of hot spots.  While I’m holding my position and starting to sweat from pain, my muscles are screaming like the fast part of “Rollin’ On the River.”


♫ Rollin (trum-pet)

Rollin (trum-pet)

Rollin on the river!





Proud Mary
How my legs feel inside



I also call any of the sore areas “hot spots” and anytime I use my foam roller I say to myself “I’m going huntin’ for hot spots.” Except, I envision myself as Elmer Fudd and say it in his accent.




It helps me reduce the amount of wincing in pain I do as I really lay into them to break em’ up.  Try it, I swear it’ll help.  Or you’ll think I’m a complete doofus.  Either way for a split second you won’t be thinking about your foam roller.


And there you have it. Some new nerdy Rabbit Food for Thought for next time you take your foam roller out for a spin.


Sorry if you now have these songs stuck in your head.


Happy running (and now rolling),



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