Death Star Running Game

In honor of the new Star Wars movie, I wanted to share with you a nerdy mind game I like play to keep me focused during races so I can continue to push even when my body doesn’t want to move.  I call it the Death Star Running Game.


Let me set the scene:


You’re three-quarters done in your race.  Your last mile split was 5 seconds slower than the last one.  Your legs are getting that familiar tingling sensation and the fatigue is building.  Your mental focus quivers as you approach the dark slipper slope of “Can I finish this race?”

This is when I kick those thoughts to the side and assume my evil running alter ego:






Yes.  I imagine I am the Death Star.  Yes, seriously.   Ok, yes I KNOW the Death Star blows up in the end (spoiler alert), but I picture myself as a fully intact and operating Death Star, thank you very much.


To play the Death Star Running Game, I focus on one person in front of me and slowly reel them in with my tractor beam.  Ever inch that I get closer to them I just imagine that in their head they’re like, “Why can’t I move?”




And I’m all like:


Unlimited power


(except less evil)


And then I pass them up and they’re like:





See? Good times for all.


I’ve ended up placing in races using this mind game.  I could have let my fatigue get the better of me, but why do that when you can add a dose of Star Wars nerdiness to a race?  I encourage you to try out the Death Star Running Game during your next race or workout.  Picture yourself pulling in those runners in front of you in with your mental tractor beam.  You’ll have so much fun that you won’t pay attention to those toxic thoughts that were wiggling around your head moments before.



Happy running,


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