Transitions and Moving: Dealing with Internal Uncertainty

Sunday evening, I attended another Thoughtluck on transitions and moving.  What’s a Thoughtluck? A gathering of friends, acquaintances, and new faces, all to discuss a deep meaningful topic over some food (I always use it as an opportunity to recipe test– this time Chocolate Nutzo Cookies).  I wrote about the Thoughluck on Motivation in this post.


Transitions and Moving THoughtluck



At this Thoughtluck we unpacked transitions and moving, talking heavily about moving physically from one place to another.  How often we’ve moved (9 times for me!) and why we’ve moved.  Transitions and moving can be hard to deal with. For me, I absolutely LOVE it.  Moving is an opportunity for a fresh start, clean slate, and a way to control internal uncertainty.   That’s why this Thoughtluck was perfect timing because I am looking to move.


Transitions and Moving group shot
Photo Cred: Emily H

Why?  I’ve been in a state of transition for a while now.  Well, honestly, many states of transition.  I’m mentally trying to transition from an eating disorder mindset to a healthier one.  I’m physically transitioning from running road races and marathons to running trail and ultra marathons.  Which has had a huge impact on my mental state.  Life wise, I am trying to transition careers to a running coach, blogger, freelancer.  It all feels up in the air.  Mentally and emotionally, all this change and uncertainty is unsettling.



Which is why I want to move.  It makes no sense, right?  When my mental and emotional state is in such turmoil, why would I want to add in a chaotic apartment move?


Driving a U-Haul through downtown Milwaukee

I need a clean slate.  A reset.  A shed the cocoon change to feel settled.   I like being in control; when I am internally feeling unsettled I need to translate that into something tangible that I can control and make orderly.  A physical act of moving apartments allows me to regain a semblance of feeling organized and clean and settled.  I can see that move happen.  See myself purge through belongings, downsize what I don’t need, and bring it into a new space.  It’s cathartic in a way.



That ability to physically organize and settle into a clean new place comforts my internal uncertainty.  It helps me flip a mental switch.  If I can tangibly see myself turn the chaos of a move into a new orderly place, then I gain confidence that I’ll be able to bring order and clarity to the intangible.  That’s why I’m itching to move.  Still in Chicago, but just to a new location.  Transitions and moving go hand in hand for me.



Does anyone else ever experience this need for a physical reset?  How do you deal with internal uncertainty?  Does anyone else love relocating to a new place?

 Share your thoughts below. 


Happy running (and maybe moving?),






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Kristen Salkas

I have a lot to learn from your “clean slate” mindset about moving. To me, moving and transitions are chaotic and disruptive. I mourn my impending moving and change. Thanks for helping me see it a different way 🙂