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It took me way longer than I want to admit (marathon number 8) to figure out the hydration question.  For years, I only drank water while running.  Every time, I was flabbergasted when I would slam into The Wall in the later stages of a race.  But then I discovered Nuun early last year and it changed my entire marathon experience.  I’ve since continued to use both Nuun Active and Nuun Vitamins and have become an ambassador for their brand.  Proper hydration is so important for everyone, whether you’re in a race, in the middle of a hard workout, or even just at work.  That’s why I’m so excited to be able to host a Nuun giveaway!


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Ok wait, back up, what is Nuun?  Nuun (pronounced noon) makes a variety of electrolyte enhanced products designed to keep you hydrated.   They are all made with clean ingredients that are safe for clean sport competition, they’re gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and my favorite part?  All the ingredients are plant-based so they’re PERFECT for vegans! Gimme gimme!  The electrolytes found in Nuun (sodium, calcium, potassium, magnesium) help alleviate cramps by allowing the muscles to properly function efficiently.


Nuun vitamins - all the colors


How I’ve used Nuun in races

As I alluded to before, I only used to drink water during races because I did not like the taste of Gatorade nor all the extra sugar.  Now that I’ve discovered Nuun, I’ll use the Nuun Active and the Nuun Energy tablets (the only difference being that Energy has caffeine and b vitamins).  My favorite flavor of active is watermelon, which I brought with me on a 22 mile run to see my parent’s new puppy, and for energy my favorite flavor is cherry limeade, which I used on my 25 mile run last weekend.  Both the Nuun Active and the Nuun Energy supply me with key electrolytes on the run.


Now you may be thinking, “Becca, you have to dissolve Nuun tablets in water.  I don’t want to carry a water bottle with me in a race.  So how can I use them?   We-he-he-helllll, let me clue you in on a little running hack of mine:


Nuun Giveaway- running hack
Wrap Nuun in tinfoil to carry it during races!


Wrap a tablet in tin foil and keep it in your pocket!  As you approach an aid station, pull it out, unwrap it, chew it, and wash it down with water.  It works like a charm!  (pro tip: practice this on your training runs, especially the unwrapping part).


Nuun Giveaway- tin foil Chicago Mrathon
Preparing for Chicago Marathon (my PR): Huma and Nuun tablets


Optimize your hydration on your training runs and in races by bring along Nuun.  You’ll get 360mg of sodium, 100 mg of potassium, 35mg of magnesium and 13mg of calcium per tablet.
In addition to the watermelon, Nuun Active comes in tropical fruit, tri-berry, strawberry lemonade, orange, lemon lime, grape, fruit punch and citrus fruit. Which flavor do you want to try?

How I’ve used Nuun during everyday activity

In January, Nuun debuted a new product: Nuun vitamins.  Hydration is important even on days when you aren’t exercising; Nuun vitamins deliver both electrolytes and vitamins for optimal daily hydration.  Nuun vitamins hydrate better than water alone.


When I traveled to the Tokyo Marathon in February, I made sure to bring some Nuun vitamins with me on the plane.  Flying dehydrates travelers, causes fatigue and can sometimes leave me feeling sick and sniffly.  On 13 hours flight before a marathon, I needed to stay on top of my hydration and nutrition in order to avoid those common flying pitfalls.  Adding some nuun vitamins to my water and sparkling soda gave me an extra fizzy hydration and vitamin boost.


nuun giveaway - tokyo flight
Nuun vitamins kept my hydrated during travel to a marathon.


As spring marathons approach, many of you may be traveling to your races.  Bring along some Nuun vitamins to make sure you maintain your optimal level of hydration and are best prepared for race day.

My favorite flavor is strawberry melon, but Vitamins also come in blueberry pomegranate, grapefruit orange, tangerine lime, blackberry citrus and ginger lemonade. Yum!


Nuun Giveaway


And now for the part you are all excited for: the Nuun Giveaway!  I’ve partnered with Nuun to provide THREE lucky winners a prize pack of a Nuun water bottle, 2 Vitamin tubes and 2 Active tubes!


There are multiple ways to enter the giveaway.  You can do one or all! To enter to win, use Rafflecopter below.  Winners must be US residents, 18 years or older.  The giveaway closes April 13th.  Winners will be notified Friday, April 14th.  Good luck!


a Rafflecopter giveaway


Please note: I was not compensated to mention these products and all opinions are my own.


Which flavors of Nuun do you want to try? If you already use Nuun, which flavors do you like?

Happy running,


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Katie C

I was recently introduced to Nuun and have used it to help fuel my workouts. I started back hitting the gym regulary about 2 1/2 months ago. I am prone to migraines and some of my biggest triggers are dehydration and overexertion. Intense exercise and running often leads to bad headaches or worse a migraine I try to fuel my body with electrolytes before and during my work out to curb the headaches. I’ve only tried a few flavors of Nuun but really like the cherry limeade as well.


I enjoy all the Nuun flavors but my fave is strawberry lemonade or watermelon.


I’m thinking Strawberry lemonade will be my new obsession!!!

Bethany @ Dose of Discovery

I love nuun! I’ve used it for lots of races and training runs.

hungerlust travel (@hungerlustravel)

The grapefruit flavor sounds delicious!

Kyle B

I’m obsessed with grape Nuun. It’s so tasty after a hard morning run.


I love the watermelon too! I’d love to also try the energy one to see if it can make a difference.

Brayton Kiedrowski

Gotta go with the tangerine lime….dat Vitamin C

Jon Menke

I generally don’t want to be overcome by taste while exercising so I would be interested in a lighter flavor like lemon+lime, but really I’d try any of them to see how they are.

Seung Kim

I’ve heard a lot about Nuun, so I hope I get to try it–for free!


I haven’t met a Nun flavor that I didn’t like! Strawberry Melon is my favorite flavor of vitamins and right now, tri berry is my favorite active!