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Do you have big running goals for yourself this year?  Trying to run a half marathon?  Full marathon?  Trying to get a PR in the marathon?  Trying to BQ?  Are you unsure where to start with your training?  Have you reached a plateau and want some help reaching the next level?  A personalized running coach can help!




I believe that all big goals are worth working towards.  If you are interested in hiring me as a coach, please fill out the form below to contact me.




I like to be reachable and approachable.  When I was a teacher, my philosophy with my students was “The worst thing you can do if you have a question is to keep it to yourself.”  Even though I now work primarily with adults, I still have the same philosophy.  Need to contact me?  Here’s how:



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Email me at


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Instagram: @RabbitFoodRuns

Facebook: The Rabbit Food Runner


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