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Looking to reach the next level in training but unsure how to get there?  Are you a vegan athlete who wants to work with a fellow vegan coach?  Chasing a BQ?  Did you sign up for a race on a whim and are now thinking, “How am I going to do this?”  Whether you’re an experienced runner or recreational athlete, you can benefit from the attention, knowledge and guidance of a coach.



I have always been drawn to education.  A former bilingual elementary school teacher and current literacy coach, I enjoy sharing my knowledge and guiding others to reaching their true potential.  As a running coach, I love to help athletes progress from thinking, “I’m never going to be able to do that,” to the incredible feeling of , “HOLY COW I DID THAT!”

Why work with me?  I’m a UESCA certified running coach with a background in education and coaching.  I’m also an experienced runner, with over 15 years in the sport.  From 5ks to 50 mile races, I’ve competed in dozens of events all over the world.  Check out my running resume here.  I make a point of staying on top of the latest research and workouts in order to continuously provide the best options for my athletes.  All my training programs are individualized and specifically designed to help you reach your goal.  Personalized training programs that fit your lifestyle, your body, your goals.



My goal is to help you unlock your true potential and astonish yourself.  I want to help you achieve your personal best, regardless of if that’s running a mile, an ultra marathon, or any distance in between.  Each runner is unique, and cookie cutter training plans don’t cut it.  Below are the coaching packages I offer to fit various lifestyles and athlete needs.


Training Plans Only

Consultation only –  $30
  • If you just want consultation on a training plan that you already have, I’ll look it over and give my opinions and comments.
  • If you want consultation
Create a full training program, 8-22 weeks, starting at $60 and up
  • You’d walk away with the whole personalized training plan to execute without my guidance
  • PLUS a one time only revision if needed.


Both of these options are ideal for athletes who are able to execute a training plan without guidance, or who want a second set of eyes to look over a plan they already have. You would have a full training plan from start to finish, but you would be completing it on your own without any check-ins.



Training Plans and Varying Levels of Support


TIER ONE: Training program + once a month consultation – $135/4 weeks
  • Custom training plan
  • Pacing and workout descriptions included
  • Once a month 30-minute meeting to assess progress- phone or in-person


Ideal for athletes who have a general sense of what they are doing but want some extra support without committing to full on coaching.  Also good for athletes who have a pretty constant schedule and have run a few marathons before. Once every month we’d have a 30-minute check-in about training and assess progress.


TIER TWO: Training program + twice a month consultation-  $165/4 weeks
  • Custom training plan
  • Pacing and workout descriptions included
  • Race preparation advice, mental training tips
  • Once a week supplemental strength training workout
  • Twice a month 30-minute consultation to assess your progress- phone or in-person


This plan offers a higher level of adaptability to life changes and your training response.  It’s great for those who have a frequently changing schedule, have reached a training plateau, are returning from injury, or want more support for achieving their goals.  Two times every month we’d have a 30-minute check-in about training and assess progress.


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Coach Becca