2016 Mag Mile Half Marathon

On Saturday, I ran the Mag Mile Half Marathon in Chicago.  It was also my birthday.  Why not run a birthday race? It was my second time running the Mag Mile Half (I ran it last year), but this year was slightly different because it was the first year that RAM

How to Have a Successful Run or Bike Commute

During the summer, I work in the office every day of the week, as compared to the school year when I am working at client sites through CPS.  I HATE the commute into the office- the L is too crowded and the bus stops WAY too much.  Every morning and

2016 Big10k Race Recap

On Saturday I ran in the Big10k race.  It was my 4th time running the Big10k; I’ve run it every year since the inaugural run in 2012.  It was my first time running in the Elite Corral (what a laugh), and although I was having trouble mentally dialing into racing