Weekly Wrap 10

Happy 2018 everyone! How did your first week of the new year treat ya? New year but same (ish) blog routine for me, it’s the first Weekly Wrap of 2018! I am arbitrarily naming this Weekly Wrap 10.  I’ve participated in 10 of these now, right?  I could go back

Best of 2017 Vegan Recipes + What’s Next

Hello friends!  Happy New Year!  Twenty-eighteen, yahoo! How did you celebrate last night?  I went out to grab dinner at a yummy Indian food restaurant, then to a high school friend’s party and then a pajama party.  It was busy, but fun – a great way to end the year.

2017 Year in Review: The Year of the Ultra

2017 year in review: the year of the ultra.  The year that I decided to ditch the road races in favor of the trails.  I decided to go long, setting the Ice Age 50 mile as my ultimate goal for the year.  I explained why I moved towards the ultra