Marathon Progress



This page is dedicated to tracking my marathon progress on my ultimate running goal.


What’s that goal you ask?  Well, I have adopted the BHAG (that is Big Hairy Audacious Goal, thanks TFA) of running 50 marathons in 50 states.  This idea occurred to me when I saw a guy wearing a 50 States shirt in the start corral of my very first marathon, and since that race went pretty well, the idea wiggled itself into my head.  The thought process went something like this:

“Hey, I like to run… and I like to travel… why not travel for races?  Done. I’m doing it.”


Up until the fall of 2015, I had run all of my marathons in a different state.  However, I had such FOMOM (fear of missing out on marathons), that for 2016 I decided to start repeating races, namely Chicago and Boston.   Chicago has been my favorite race, and I might as well do Boston while I still can.  I also repeated Wisconsin in 2016 because my friends convinced me to join- “It’s only a day trip, why not do it?”- so my goal for that was to get a BQ time.  (Runner snob moment, I’m sorry).


What my non-running friends and family think of the idea of doing a marathon in each state:


You're weird Worstideaever Soundsterrible







I just smile and nod.  And then try to persuade them to come with to cheer me on.  Who doesn’t like a good road trip?


My 50 states marathon progress so far:



1. October 6th- Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon, Milwaukee, WI.  3:38:49



2. April 19th- Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon, Louisville, KY 3:24:29 (new PR and BQ)

3. May 25th- Med City Marathon, Rochester, MN 3:39:18

4. October 10th – The Chicago Marathon, Chicago, IL 3:18:08 (new PR and BQ)



5. April 20th- The Boston Marathon, Boston, MA 3:24:42 (BQ)

6. May 3rd- The Flying Pig Marathon, Cincinnati, OH 3:20:31 (BQ)*** Running this race also inducted me into the Marathon Maniacs club

7. October 18th- Detroit Free Press Marathon, Detroit, MI. 3:17:49 (a new PR and BQ)



8. April 18th – The Boston Marathon, Boston, MA 3:22:00 (BQ)

9. May 7th – The Wisconsin Marathon, Kenosha, WI 3:21:06 (BQ)

10. May 21st – The Ogden Marathon, Ogden, UT, DNF

11. October 9th – The Chicago Marathon, Chicago, IL 3:11:43 (** new PR and BQ)

12. November 6th – The New York City Marathon, New York City, NY 3:30:16 (BQ)